"Burgeoning, upstart, fresh-faced, young, up-and-coming... all of these words and phrases describe San Francisco’s MO2, but the first thing you need to know ... is that they have a clear musical vision." (HMGN)


Getting their start in San Francisco's underground club scene, MO2 has since earned a national following by combining four-to-the-floor dance breaks, drum n bass, hip-hop and dubstep with contagious pop hooks and ethereal progressions; their explosive and unique sound continues to leave audiences mesmerized nationwide. As HMGN Music puts it “Burgeoning, upstart, fresh-faced, young, up-and-coming…all these words and phrases describe San Francisco’s MO2…They are a very determined and talented band performing with palpable joy and intense respect for one another, demonstrating the power of simplicity and organic melodies."

In the past year and the next upcoming months, MO2 will have shared a bill, across the country, with NAS, STS9, The Disco Biscuits, The New Deal, Conspirator, Bonobo live band, EOTO, Future Rock, Pretty Lights, Telepath, BioDiesel, The Egg, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Orchard Lounge, Dr Fameus, Micheal Kang, Steve Molitz, KJ Sawka, BLVD, Audio Angel, Jamie Janover and Aaron Holstein, among others...


MO2 - MO2 thousand nine - 4/09
MO2 - DSD - 10/07

Set List

Original instrumental music...

MO2 writes new sets for each event and can customize lengths and breaks dependent upon event requirements.