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"MO2 J.Wail at Lobar" of SF's hottest rising livetronica bands, San Francisco based MO2. MO2 features a smooth blend of hypnotic breakbeats and drum and bass infused trance fusion with grounded organic roots. Combined with J.Wail's unique style, the culmination of the five musicians reaches stunning heights. J.Wail is an artist stretching into the DJ-based dance sound with the approach of a live band. He creates his "experimental jam-club-funk" through innovative techniques using guitar, bass, synthesizers, and other instruments. For more information please visit and

In their music, MO2 recognizes the dichotomy and connection between the universal and individual energies. "The four of us and the music we create, the band, individuals in the crowd and the one experience..." MO2 creates an open and free environment to experience their clean mix and raw vibe that drives the dance floor. Established as San Francisco's most up and coming livetronica band, unique backgrounds forge to create an inspirational, hypnotic experience that is MO2. For more information visit, and
J. Wail and MO2 will play the Lobar October 12 and 13 at 9 p.m.
- Crusted Butte Weekly

""Absolutely fooking flaming awesome""

"Awesome, and I mean absolutely fooking flaming awesome.
can't put into words how good your material sounds...
everytime i hear Beginning of the STR-live at quixotes i can't help but smile.
Thankyou for making such gr8 music"
- Fan Comment on 3/08 - Fan Comment on

""'s still as amazing as the first day I heard it""

Thanks for add mo2, for your music. Just thought I'd say hi, and that I've been diggin' your music for a long time and it's still as amazing as the first day I heard it.
I`d say It's fresh air to the industry. Loving your track Warp-live at quixotes, crazy beats:)))) keep in touch and keep it going!!! Action-Figure
- Fan comment on
- Fan comment on

"MO2 feat. J.Wail at the Summit"

MO­2, a young San Francisco group, is cooking up “fresh, hypnotic breaks and raw, live electronics.” They say they approach music with the mentality of a club DJ and an arsenal of live instruments. Sounds like a match made in dance heaven. If you’ve been itching to get lost in a trance, this is your show... - Durango Telegraph

"Review of MO2 at STS9/UM late-night in St. Louis... 7/11/08"

"The venue was made up of two clubs joined together with the help of Nasty Rumor Productions. When you first walk in, there is a bar on your right, straight ahead is the Main stage, where MO2 & Future Rock played their sets. I watched MO2 regenerate the genre of trance music with their blend of organic gold. Before the show I listened to some of the songs on their latest album. They sounded smooth, soft and delicate. While I was watching them I could not stop dancing to the smashing sounds of this next generation of music. They are a part of The Home Grown Music Network, which shows they try to be as organic as possible. MO2 is from the west coast and uses a tour bus that runs on waste vegetable oil. While they are performing, all three members use a laptop to help create a dance atmosphere that controls the audience. I was covered in sweat after 20 minutes of their set. They ended their set with a sample of "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre."

-M. McGuire - M. McGuire

"MO2 - DSD (Audio CD Review)"

Burgeoning, upstart, fresh-faced, young, up-and-coming…all of these words and phrases describe San Francisco’s MO2, but the first thing you need to know about the quartet is that they have a clear musical vision. Their unapologetic instrumental dance excursions are tempered only by the moment on their first release, the lengthy live burner DSD. Recorded in front of an appreciative crowd at San Francisco’s Poleng Lounge, DSD also features one track recorded live in studio shortly after the band’s inception in April 2007.

...In turn, what the listener gets on DSD is the sound of a very determined and talented band performing with palpable joy and intense respect for one another, demonstrating the power of simplicity and organic melodies.

Musically, the band wears their inspirations proudly, drawing obvious influence from pure electronic music and sprinkling their style with an earthly-yet-spacey humanized mojo reminiscent of early STS9. ...while the rhythm section exhibits the full-throttle thump and breakneck intensity so essential to the form. Rogers’ keys and samples provide the proper ignition for the listener’s mental excursions within the frenetic framework... DSD…I don’t know what it stands for, but it’s definitely contagious! - The Homegrown Music Network (HMGN)


MO2 - MO2 thousand nine - 4/09
MO2 - DSD - 10/07



Getting their start in San Francisco's underground club scene, MO2 has since earned a national following by combining four-to-the-floor dance breaks, drum n bass, hip-hop and dubstep with contagious pop hooks and ethereal progressions; their explosive and unique sound continues to leave audiences mesmerized nationwide. As HMGN Music puts it “Burgeoning, upstart, fresh-faced, young, up-and-coming…all these words and phrases describe San Francisco’s MO2…They are a very determined and talented band performing with palpable joy and intense respect for one another, demonstrating the power of simplicity and organic melodies."

In the past year and the next upcoming months, MO2 will have shared a bill, across the country, with NAS, STS9, The Disco Biscuits, The New Deal, Conspirator, Bonobo live band, EOTO, Future Rock, Pretty Lights, Telepath, BioDiesel, The Egg, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Orchard Lounge, Dr Fameus, Micheal Kang, Steve Molitz, KJ Sawka, BLVD, Audio Angel, Jamie Janover and Aaron Holstein, among others...