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Mob4 - released 8/15/2003



Mob4 is an original modern rock band based in Seymour, CT. The bands founders are Pasquale (lead vocals) and Vince Bossio (lead guitar/background vocals). They were both raised in Bridgeport, CT and each began his musical careeer at an early age. Both had formed bands even before high school. Writing and performing original music quickly became a passion that they just could not resist. As they got a little older, they made frequent trips to nearby Greenwich Village in NYC - at first they just took in the fantastic original music scene. After forming Mob4 they began to perform there themselves.

Mob4 combines elements of funk and soul with straight-forward rock and roll to produce a sound that appeals to a wide range of listeners. With a musical style similar to 3 Doors Down, Matchbox Twenty or Lenny Kravitz, the band emphasizes "feel" and "groove" instead of speed and volume. Mob4 has been favorably compared to several established artists both past and present. The mass appeal of the Mob4 sound stems from a commitment to fresh melodies, lyrics and rhythms combined with the undeniable pulse of their hard rock upbringing.

Pasquale's thoughtful lyrics and unique vocal style have been cultivated through years of writing, recording and performing original music. Always the showman on-stage, he is not afraid to speak his mind... or bare his soul.

Vince Bossio studied classical, blues and jazz guitar for many years. He is completely at home playing clean, crunchy, acoustic, electric or just plain down & dirty.

Bassist Juan Olivetto hails from Argentina and has played in jazz and gospel bands in addition to rock outfits. His unique style and energy help to keep Mob4's sound the way it has always been - original and fresh.

Mob4 knows how to have a good time while performing on-stage, in the studio or anywhere else. The chemistry they share helps the music to flow freely and their positive energy is transferred to the audience. Mob4's on-stage persona is somewhere between an all-out party band like Van Halen and a meticulous synergy of musicians such as Rush. Their on-stage identity combined with a diverse set list of original modern rock makes Mob4 a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

In late 2002, the band recorded a 3-song demo at the Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN. Baldwin Entertainment (a production/promotion company based in Nashville) had received a copy of an earlier Mob4 demo recorded in CT and felt the music was very marketable. With positive feedback from veteran music insiders such as Miles Copeland, Mob4 appeared to be on the cusp of commercial success in the music industry. But "the business" is definitely tough and breaking through would not be that easy.

The music business requires patience and above all - persistence. In 2003, Pasquale teamed up with a well-known music publisher who in turn contacted a producer in New Jersey. Pasquale emerged from the recording sessions with a new song built on Mob4's unique sound and Pasquale's signature vocal style. Mob4 shot a video for "I'll Be There" in late 2003. It was at this same time that major-labels came knocking. Looking for one more certified hit Pasquale went into the studio in early 2004 with a different producer - this time from New York City. They re-worked a Pasquale classic called "Gone But Not Forgotten" into another mainstream gem. With interest from several major labels, Mob4 again appears to be heading toward commercial success in the music business. The mass appeal of the Mob4 sound and their polished live performance make the band members confident that they will provide a significant, positive return on any major label investment.