Plainfield, New Jersey, USA
BandHip HopPop

MOBB = the hottest new group of gifted musicians, each unique, dedicated to spreading original sounds & ideas, pushing the boundaries of music + art + entertainment as we know it. Representing both generations past & present, we make music with the world in mind, reaching beyond age, race & sexes.


The M.O.B.B. (Movement of Big Bosses) is a group of young talented musicians dedicated to creating original and new music, whose sound relates to generations past & present. Officially established as a business entity in the summer of 2010 by Simon “Sinecal” Martinez (Artist, Graphic Design) & Eric “E Hollywood” Hopkins (Artist), Akbar “Aki” Stembridge (Artist, PR) Malcolm X (Artist), MOBB's actual inception dates back years. It has remained the movement for people daring to think differently, even since the group were youngsters, back in their hometown of Plainfield, NJ. Somewhere, along the road of life's travels, Sinecal & Hollywood crossed paths with a young Ethan “AuDIO” Conner (Producer, Engineer, Artist) from NY, who, subsequently, played an essential role in continuously evolving the group's sound. The company’s website (MOBB4U.COM), which debuted in the beginning of 2011, began building toward a brand with the potential to impact the world. Lately, we've had alot of activity. From various live performances, and interviews for artist showcases, to blogs, fashions shows and college and internet radio stations, MOBB is surely on the move.


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