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When you get the chance to see and hear Mob Boss whether your on your PC browsing itunes or your watching MB perform live in a packed house. There is no question Hip Hip IS NOT dead. It lives and breathes with Mob Boss & his OutCold Ent imprint.


Ruben K. Trammell aka Mob Boss hails from the east side of Detroit,MI.
Mob Boss is signed to aswell as the CEO of his own independent label OutCold Entertainment. In addition to being an independent label owner and local taste maker MB is also a producer,hip hop emcee & songwriter not only for his own imprint OutCold Ent but for various indie artist looking to further their careers with like minded artist.

Mob Boss has been working hard at perfecting his craft now for seventeen years. MB can often be heard saying "where words fail music speaks"
he states "thats the the truth and music is his heart"
Mob Boss had a major set back in his life which caused him to do time. During this time MB was able to reflect and channel his energy and his spirit not only to make fantastic music but to also to focus his message on each and every track.
These songs that he's just releasing he wrote for his new mixtape "Snitchin not Required" on the new mixtape Mob Boss also added three tracks from his lost cd "Prices on They Head".
Mob Boss is now in the progress of producing two other artist from his label OutCold Ent. Mob Boss is in the studio day in day out now that's what one would call passion & dedication.

Mob remembers as he was growing up the first time he heard music thats when he set his goals on accomplishing it. He never thought a day in his life that he would be CEO! Most of all he never thought he would produce other artist on his own label.
His spiritual relationship and inspiration in all he does comes from the almighty.
God comes first in his life then there's his family,but MB will tell you with no hesitation it was uncle who inspired him to do music since he was six years old. Then he heard 2pac for the first time and Mob Boss felt that connection through his music.

Mob Boss is releasing his new mixtape in the middle of May of 2013. He's got some heavy hitting tracks on this mix cd one of the songs listed on this cd is "Shut the Club Down" however, Mob Boss and his production team are always coming up with different product.

Look out for Mob Boss in a city near you soon, whether its in person or in your local record store. Mob Boss will be there with the OutCold Ent mob in tow!!

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