Mobbs Juice

Mobbs Juice


This music creates the moment you feel the deepest emotions. You can relate to your own situations both triumph and fail, while partying.


Mobbs Juice, born in the great city of Houston, Texas, represents the future of music. A talent of all kinds he uses a multitude of influences to craft his creative sound. He began his love for music playing drums and organ at his grandmother's house. Now he has developed a knowledge and practice of the piano, organ, guitar, drums, percussion and several brass and wood wind instruments.

Even greater than that he is a dangerous lyricist whose sound can be compare to great names in the game but stemming from his years producing rappers and writing songs.

Now he is moving toward putting out his first LP and making a name in this game. His belief is that you only support the music you want around. In his recent mixtape (1*9*8*8* ERUTUF) he depicts an outerspacial aspect of love and young adulthood. While also dropping verses on currently popular songs. He is also a classically trained vocalist. Check out this future mind they call MOBBS JUICE.


Let it Go

Written By: M. Dotson

Verse 1:
I thought this would make life peach and cream,
I guess what's told ain't all what seems.
Living life or living dreams
Caught within the prisms beams
But I hope your light can shine
Cause I can’t have yours
And you can’t have mine
I remember when we first met
She used to rock sneaks with that short set
We used to throw balls yeah the vortex
She used to have dreams and the score set
With the shore wet
Am I your’s yet
Can I of course YES
Lakers Pistons but who could score best
But you knew we had love
Forgot my heart when you left but trust
I made my cash and the music brought buts
I mean asses
Some colored molasses
Some cream and classic

Verse 2:
More leave em tragic
The motto that ensued
Cause my mind was on me
And less on you
Tell me that’s a lie
Or more or less of the truth
Tell that’s a mic
Or more or less of the booth
Yeah you should have never gave up
But now you get cute for the lame ducks
Yeah men are dogs
Don’t try to train up
Take the water out the lake
Without pulling the drain up
Make the plants grow
Without sucking the rain up
Talk commitment
Without fucking my brain up
Wait up
We couldn’t be more than strangers
Mo fire
We couldn’t be more than rangers
I paint the sky with the blood of a major
I tell the sons of the wives that became us
I talk words that will soon blow your brain up
I hope worlds don’t end before we make us
Or I hope it don’t end
before we make up
Stop girls
Pick your hearts and your brains up
All I want
Is Just One Chance
To let go

Back back while I take my place
Im a champion you can’t shame this face


Juztified - 2005
No Stress Much Success - 2008
1988 ERUTUF - Spring 2009
Air-born Legacy - August 2009

Set List

I'm Crazy
Ground Control
Run The Show
Won't Fall
U & ME