Moberg Lie

Moberg Lie


Moberg Lie is a Master meeting between two very influential musicians within Nordic traditional music: Jo Asgeir Lie, accordeon, from Norway, and Pär Moberg, saxophone, from Sweden. Their unique sound brings new light on the tradition, and they mix traditional and own compositions seemlessly.


Jo Asgeir and Pär have a lot in common. They both play instruments that have had a hard time being accepted as OK in the tradition. They are both eager composers as well as musicians. And they are both heads of university folk music educations: Pär is head of the education at the Academy of Music in Malmö Sweden, and Jo Asgeir at the Ole Bull Academy in Voss, Norway. Both have a background in other genres; Jo Asgeir in classical music, Pär in rock. And they both play with other well-established bands: Jo Asgeir with Kvarts, and Pär with bands such as Tummel, Grannar, World Mix Orchestra etc.
They met the first time at a Nordtrad conference in Helsinki 2012, and immediately found that they worked well together musicwise. Thanks to a support from the Swedish Artrs council, it has been possible for them to meet and rehearse, and they intend to break to the world market during the autumn of 2013.
When playing together they have a very intimate musical connection, and their music is quite spontaneous. It works just as well in a small room with the audience close up as on a big stage, or for that matter for dancing as most of what they play is actually dance music.


First demo recorded in March 2013


Set List

When we play for concerts, we normally play about 1 hour, (about 15 tunes), with a combination of our own compositions and traditional tunes. When we play for dancing, we often play 2 x 1 hours. For a quiet audience, we could play acoustic to up to around 80 people.