A five piece band with a "in your face" live performance. Knowing each others for over 20 years from childhood surely helps the live energy. A must see band!!!


Patience paid off and, in the end, they got what they didn't want. As part of Mobile's extended - and still in progress - coming out party of 2001, they elected to take part in Montreal's prestigious CHOM L'Esprit band competition, the largest and longest running of its kind in the province of Quebec. To say that they made an impression would be to gravely understate the case. Four weeks after their lightning debut, a jury comprised of Montreal media and industry representatives unreservedly declared Mobile the victors (shortly thereafter they were featured on the cover of the weekly HOUR Magazine). Concurrent to these achievements, they have sold out packed - and not just with their friends either - headlining shows at several of their home city's most prestigious venues, and shared the stage with acts as diverse as Tragically Hip, The Watchmen, Sarah Harmer, Bif Naked and Econoline Crush.
In response to rapidly accumulating requests for music, the band sojourned to Toronto in early 2002 where they recorded a four-song EP at the much-storied Metalworks Studio with producers Nick Blagona (Foo Fighters, The Police, The Tea Party) and Mark Makoway (guitarist for Moist, and author of The Indie Band Bible). Three of those songs are featured on their first indie album Radiowave Transmission, which was released early July 2002. As fans are already noting, these are tunes that recall the dark sophistication of a Primal Scream, the technical facility of The Chemical Brothers, the impassioned delivery and ready melody of The Cure or U2. And while the band invites no end of comparative analogy, they flat out defy definitive pigeonholing: as students of musical history, they are here to learn and advance, not rewrite.
As those who have had the opportunity to see and hear this emerging tour de force of rock and pop may already attest, Mobile truly ignite in a live setting. Possessed of intuition and spirit that transcends the digitized tape - and printed word, for that matter - Mobile's emotive soul is laid bare on the stages they've had occasion to command, the true mark of a band secure in its place in the world, and the natural result of the over-reigning single-mindedness of purpose that have put Mobile where they are now, the most important place of all...
In front of you. Enjoy


Mobile EP-2001
Radiowave Transmission CD-2002
Second EP-2003

Set List

Original Material

How can I be saved
From one to another
See right through me
Sudden changes
Everyday rain
Candlelight room
Bleeding words
Upon Summerhill
Trust no one
Lost soul's avenue
And goes the world
Strange span of days