Mobile DeathCamp

Mobile DeathCamp


A vicious three piece metal band from the Black Swamp of Ohio. In their short, yet vibrant history they have shared the stage with such raging acts the likes of; 3 Inches of Blood, The Red Chord, Skeletonwitch, Halo of Locusts, Green Jelly, Chimaira, Soilent Green, Type O, Mensrea, and Hatebreed.


While on tour playing bass with GWAR as Beefcake The Mighty, Todd Evans decided it was high time the world found out just what instrument he was really meant to shred...GUITAR !
So...he sought out the best bassist he knew from, "Back in the day", Brian LaForge, and Mobile Deathcamp was born.
Together they had a vision of a band that would melt the face off of an asbestos clown !
The search was on for the right drummer. After several months and auditions, they found Scott MacEachern, the perfect fit !
Deathcamp went straight into the studio and recorded a three song demo, which immediately started turning heads.
In early 2008, Mobile Deathcamp traveled to Karma Productions in Richmond, VA, to record their first full length offering, "BLACK SWAMP RISING".
On this recording is some of the most skull-splitting music ever written. One of the tracks features guest guitar solo work from Devin Townsend, and Shane Clark (3 Inches of Blood). Mobile Deathcamp then began thrashing all over the country with some pretty heavy hitters.
In April of 2008, Todd decided to leave GWAR and focus entirely on this most satisfying project.
Since the campaign of live shows has begun, DEAN Guitars, ddrum, DR Strings, Randall Amps, and Jagermusic, have all jumped on the "Mobile" band wagon. The band is very grateful to be on their lists of artist endorsers.
July of 2008 saw Mobile Deathcamp hit the road in a direct support role for Green Jelly, on a U.S. Coast to Coast run.
Born to do it...MOBILE DEATHCAMP !


Negative Minds

Written By: Todd Evans/Joe Douglas

Hate Suspended is wearing thin.
Breaking point, I can barely tolerate it.
Pushing me into a corner, hard feelings only grow harder.
Get a life, watch me end it.
Count me out, I refuse to defend it.
Got my fill, now I'm tired and tried.
Test my will, now it's time you expire.

Negative minds hate alike,
Fueled by emotions of anger and spite.
Negative minds hate alike,
Laugh in your face while I'm raging inside.

Source of Power, Hatred and Pain.
Intolerance till there's none left to gain.
Heavily armed with my bad attitude.
Can't shake it off, I'll inflict it on you.
Out of my hands, burn it down till it's gone.
Exterminate from the King to the Pawn.
Nothing standing of bridges left burning.
No love is lost and it just keeps on turning.

Death Revealed

Written By: Todd Evans/Joe Douglas

Final day closes in.
Live and die there's nothing you or I could do.
Nameless price, take my life.
Lead us on and break our spirits right in two.
Watching me watching you.
Private lives are something of the days gone by.
Brothers big, knows it all.
Realize there's no place you or I could hide.

Breathe of hot, wings of steel, drive me mad.
Death Revealed

Sky is black, mass attack.
Package of disaster is the one to fear.
Sit and wait, dreaded fate.
Burning cloud of fire will be drawing near.
Searing heat, no retreat.
Winds of death are moving at a rapid rate.
Feel yourself start to die.
Helpless as you watch your loved ones radiate.

End it all, hit the switch.
Kill us all...

It Is So (Hecetu)

Written By: Todd Evans

On your way, seek a new land.
Gone, the day of your oppression.
Make it work, kill the new man.

Work the Claim, destroying Red Dens.
Relocate existing Earth men.
Kill the rest to rid your problem.

Bold Washicu eats up land.
Hostile annex, your greed tastes bad.
Blind obsession, respect you lack.
If you don't love it, give it back.

Man it up, accept your downfall.
Take it on, crush your mind wall.
What's it take for you to stand tall?

L.S.D. (Lead Singers Disease)

Written By: Todd Evans

Battle unit, metal, with one absent.
Too bad can't keep head out of that crevice.
Passion lacking, flailo, start your sobbing.
Trio, growing stronger, without problems.
Online, keyboard, tough guy. Seeks attention.
Useless, deadweight, front man, bad infection.

I won't take it.
Kill that L.S.D.
We don't need it.
Kill that L.S.D.

Ripping, crushing, slaying, MD raging.
Pressing, gripping, staying, BYOH.
You believe your own hype, keep on spreading.
Tough to walk down Turnpike to defend it.

Order Thru Kaos

Written By: Todd Evans

Bile burns from within, 3 handed grin.
Pulling the pin with a stiff upper chin.
Comfy cage, drug induced sage.
Floating through life never on the same page.
Dreams travel far, mind over car.
Trippin the brain like a white Saloth Sar.
Tappin the vein, mind post inane.


Taste life from afar, stuck in your jar.
Who knows what when will be what when you are?
Droppin a line, buck "right on time".
When it comes up will you still drop your dime?
Now who's your king? All hail the Thing.
Give yourself room to explore Tao Te Ching.
Tappin that vein, Mind post inane.

O. T. K.

File points in mind, turn from the grind.
Seek a new way and be stocked when you find...

Tappin that vein, Mind post inane.



Black Swamp Rising (2008)

Set List

1). One Brain
2). Feed the Machine
3). L.S.D. (Lead Singers Disease)
4). The Emerald
5). Offensive Release
6). Death Revealed
7). It is So (Hecetu)
8). Earth Metal
9). Freedom of Choice
10). Order through Kaos
11). Moourning Impalement
12). Vicious Smile
13). Negative Minds

(Approx. 1 hour)