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"UH artist brings hip-hop to life"

UH artist brings hip-hop to life

Mobonix hasn't shied away from the genre, taking charge with his varied style, potent slate of lyrics

Gordon Furneaux

Published: Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Updated: Thursday, January 8, 2009

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Mohammed Kabir, Mobonix, has had his music featured in American Pie Presents: Beta House and will soon have a song on the CW TV show Reaper.

In 2006, hip-hop artist Nas declared the death of the genre with his album Hip Hop Is Dead. It's now 2008, and UH senior and recording artist Mobonix looks to resurrect that music community.

Mohammed Kabir, a Chinese major, is better known to underground music enthusiasts as Mobonix, the artist and sole producer of The Mickey Finn Special [EP]. His sound has been classified as everything from urban hip-hop to dance-pop, with universally salient lyrics to match any occasion.

Mobonix raps over his bombastic beats with casual steadiness like a lottery winner working for kicks, yet this artist received no outside help in producing the album. He has learned from his experiences and applied them to his work.

Kabir said he first got into music from birth. Coming from a musical family and having to move a lot helped shape his musical mentality early on.

"With the struggle of assimilating to a new school every few years, a walkman can become your best friend; sometimes your only friend," Kabir said.

His passion for music grew as he got older, but he felt he lacked the drive to reach his goals as an artist. This all changed when he joined the Marines.

"The Marines mold you to believe that you can do anything you want because you push your limits everyday," Kabir said.

For Mobonix, things started to progress upon leaving the Marines. He played a role in the film industry, appearing in Where's the Party Yaar?, a fairly successful Indian-influenced film starring Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

His songs have also been featured in the 2007 film, American Pie Presents: Beta House and will be in CW's new show Reaper later this month.

It is with these roles that Kabir began to make connections with people in the entertainment industry.

"Hanging out with them taught me a lot, and I just ran with it," he said.

With successes in these film endeavors, Kabir self-produced his album. Kabir says he means to translate his personal experiences into a format that anyone can understand and enjoy.

Fearing pipe dreams and fine print, Kabir passed up signing with a major label and instead started his own, Miami Tape Club.

"I remember being 13 years old and writing letters to record labels hoping to get signed," Kabir said. "I can laugh about that now, but that's probably the most lazy way to get heard."

Kabir says he is not afraid of making money in this industry. He says that is in part the reason why he is doing what he is doing, but it is also about making good enjoyable music.

"Royalty checks and fan letters in the mail are the best feeling," Kabir said.

He realizes it will take a lot to get to that point in his career and does not forsee a time between school and music to be able to relax.

"I'm a firm believer of doing what you love and the money will follow," Kabir said.

The EP contains only five songs, but each track has its own unique sound. "What Chu Want to Do" and "The Bre@ks" are danceable club bangers, while "Jack Bauer" is an endless lyrical onslaught. "Home" has a very different sound, bordering almost on alternative country, about the longing for a familiar face during his Marine Corps training, yet leaving something for his fellow soldiers in the Marines to remember him by.

To check out Mobonix's beats or to purchase the EP, visit or - Daily Cougar


The Mickey Finn Special [EP] (2007)
The Infection (2008)
What Chu Wanna Do? (American Pie Beta House stdk)



“Not only does he do it all…he does it well.” – GenerAsian Radio 90.1FM KPFT

MOBONIX is hailed as a rarity in the industry as a complete package with an arsenal of intense beats and a sexy lyrical delivery to match. Fans characterize his style as fun Urban Hip-Hop intelligently infused with varieties of other types of dance and pop music. His diverse tastes are extracted from living a contemporary nomadic lifestyle and a heavy attraction to DJ culture. His experiences in the Marine Corps forge a strong work ethic and offer a unique perspective in life.

Success in the music industry is never easy, but that hasn’t stopped MOBONIX, an up and coming hip-hop artist and producer, from enjoying a nice sip. His intoxication with music began from the hardships of assimilating to a different place every 3 years where music has been his only childhood friend. MOBONIX pulls his inspiration from his many experiences which include several dysfunctional relationships. “In the end, it’s all about whether you know how to have fun or not, and that’s what my music is about” says the future star.

Disillusioned from pipedreams, MOBONIX ignores signing major record deals and retains full creative control through Miami Tape Club, his own self-started music label. Slowly paying his dues, MOBONIX’s songs have been featured in movies such as American Pie and other major studio productions. MOBONIX’s calm-collected flows over intense hypnotic beats match that of his imperturbable attitude as he confidently handles his business. A jack-of-all-trades, this one-man army, is doing it by himself. And doing it well.