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Fun urban theme music for the spoiled, trendy, strippers, addicts, and secret agents.


“Not only does he do it all…he does it well.” – GenerAsian Radio 90.1FM KPFT

MOBONIX is hailed as a rarity in the industry as a complete package with an arsenal of intense beats and a sexy lyrical delivery to match. Fans characterize his style as fun Urban Hip-Hop intelligently infused with varieties of other types of dance and pop music. His diverse tastes are extracted from living a contemporary nomadic lifestyle and a heavy attraction to DJ culture. His experiences in the Marine Corps forge a strong work ethic and offer a unique perspective in life.

Success in the music industry is never easy, but that hasn’t stopped MOBONIX, an up and coming hip-hop artist and producer, from enjoying a nice sip. His intoxication with music began from the hardships of assimilating to a different place every 3 years where music has been his only childhood friend. MOBONIX pulls his inspiration from his many experiences which include several dysfunctional relationships. “In the end, it’s all about whether you know how to have fun or not, and that’s what my music is about” says the future star.

Disillusioned from pipedreams, MOBONIX ignores signing major record deals and retains full creative control through Miami Tape Club, his own self-started music label. Slowly paying his dues, MOBONIX’s songs have been featured in movies such as American Pie and other major studio productions. MOBONIX’s calm-collected flows over intense hypnotic beats match that of his imperturbable attitude as he confidently handles his business. A jack-of-all-trades, this one-man army, is doing it by himself. And doing it well.


The Mickey Finn Special [EP] (2007)
The Infection (2008)
What Chu Wanna Do? (American Pie Beta House stdk)

Set List

Set includes a back and forth between a DJ and sometimes live band. Sets are usually 30 minutes with featured labelmates and when including snippets of cover songs from popular artists such as Kanye West.