Mobtown Hipcats

Mobtown Hipcats


Tunes that make you wanna dance, smile, sweat, and think about the last time you had a grilled cheese and jalapeno, spicy funk... twisted, bent and oozin' with the groove!


The Mobtown Hipcats happen to be the most unique and interesting bands coming out of Baltimore in years. Heavily influenced by New Orleans Funk masters "The Meters" and Dr. John, these cats do the job of keeping piano and second-line FUNK alive and well.

Set List

The Mobtown Hipcats typically play two 75 minute sets but have enough music to fill four hours and can arrange sets to fit the needs of each specific venue and event. Combining a great mix of spicy originals and savory revamped tunes that are staples of the New Orleans blues scene. We do renditions of tunes by the Meters, Dr. John, Jon Cleary, James Brown, just to name a few.