MO’CHI is a band from Los Angeles that cooks up a healthy psychedelic stew of the finest ingredients from Rock and Hip-Hop with a fortified, heaping dose of the Funk. It’ll flip open yo third eye and rub some wasabi right in. Super High energy. Guaranteed to get the crowd moving and grooving!


Now don’t get confused, you might already know about the gooey delectable Japanese confection known as Mochi. This crew is indeed gooey, infact they’re down right raw sticky with funky psychedelic treats. Elastic melodies like the rice exoskeleton of a sweet Mochi and a creamy bump’n center, sure to put your ears, and mind, into audio bliss. Now Mo’Chi is more than simple food metaphors, the mo’energy(Chi) they produce is a down right infectious funky disease which only mo’ Mo’Chi can cure.

Mo’Chi’s Mo’History:
Los Angeles, CA.
Mo’Chi arrived in the summer of 2002. Vocalist/Guitarist/Drummer J. Larry Staral linked up with bassist Maintenance while Larry was working as a recording engineer at Sound Castle studios. Maintenance was summoned to the studio by hip-hop label L.A. Confindential to lay his quintessential pocket enhancing bass lines. Maintenance’s basslines were so filthy slimey that after the session Larry approached Maintenance about forming a band. Almost a year later Larry and Maintenance began jamming with a recent immigrant pysch-guitarist from the midwest, Mikey H. With Larry on drums, the three began writing psychedelic funk instrumentals, a basis for what would soon become Mo’Chi jams.

In 2004, Mo’Chi had grown into an 8 piece band and recorded their first, self-produced album, The Tails of Rod Jonson. The Mo’Chi roster took a turn with Larry on guitar/lead vocals, Maintenance on bass, Mikey H. on lead guitar/vocals and a slew of drummers, percussionists and keyboardists. Influenced by a conglomeration of classic funk, psychedelia and modern hip-hop, Mo’chi infuses countless other reggae, dub, soul, progressive rock, and electronic styles of our times.

Throw’n it out from deep within the industrial bomb shelters of the Los Angeles underground, Mo’chi is a collaborative experimentation that’s been simmering in a petri dish awaiting to funk you. Today the crew is again in recording mode with plans to push out an EP in early 2007 and gig extensively throughout the year.

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2004, The Tales of Rod Jonson
2007, 4 song EP Released

Set List

Able to produce 2-3hrs of rump shake'n psychedelia.
Set encompasses great original tracks as well as some funk classics.
View video footage and listen to more music here: