Mo Childs

Mo Childs

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Pure energy music that everyone can relate to! Mojistic will get you grooving and moving!


A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Mo Childs has a serious passion for music. He began performing at the age of six, when he can recall putting on shows in the garage with his cousin. “Our sisters would be the fly girls, and we would rap.” Mo draws his musical energy from listening to all types of music and his own life experiences. Growing up between parents, Mo was influenced by a lot of Gospel and R&B. “I can remember being glued to “Video Soul” with Donnie Simpson, and “Yo! MTV Raps” with Dre and Ed Lover. You can find a wide variety of music playing on his iPod, ranging from NewsBoys to Bjork, from KRS ONE. to Sigur Ros, all of which contribute to his unique style. Mo's inspiration comes from artists that bring something different to the ears of avid hip hop fans. “When I heard Rakim for the first time I went nuts, and Bjork, who uses everything from nature sounds to kitchen utensils.” This self-made producer and musician plays five different instruments, percussion being his absolute favorite. Mo is driven to perfect his skills and make his life-long dream of becoming a strong solo musical talent become a reality. “As an artist I just love to make music that reaches everyone. No matter what race, gender, or religion, we have all experienced the same emotions...just in different degrees.” Mo strives to put out positive sounds, and will without a doubt take the music industry by storm with his distinctive style! Yesss Sirrr!!!


“Yesss Sirrr LP... The Transformation of Possibilities” in September 2009
“The Journey” in September 2010

Set List

1 to 15 songs.
Set can be customized to show type.