Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Focusing a mature, raw emotional sensibility into a tightly focused and diverse song structure, Mockingbird manages to avoid the cliches of many post-emo folk tinged rock outfits. Mockingbird's music combines echoes of jazz, country, folk, and rock to produce work simultaneously new and familiar.


Brandon Isaak (vocals, guitar)
A musical tinkerer from an early age, Brandon's musical odyssey began at the age of 5 or 6 with piano lessons, although that proved to be a short-lived affair. Beginning in 6th grade, Brandon played the saxophone in school band until high school and only picked up the guitar in 8th grade, when he heard Nirvana's In Utero. Brandon's other instruments include the bass guitar and drums. The allure of screeching guitars and bashing equipment coupled with the raw energy of the grunge movement initiated the turning point in Brandon's musical life, prompting him to play in two high school grunge bands, Blandest and the Soda Jerks. The formation of these bands helped to create a burgeoning indie music scene that continues to blossom in Brandon's hometown of Enid, OK to this day. After those high school bands, Brandon began some “singer-songwriter” projects while in college and subsequently joined and shortly left the band Triangle Row (comprised of other Enid HS alums) to focus on what would eventually become Mockingbird. Additionally, he has also played lead guitar for a close friend and sometime musical cohort, Lyndsie Annette.

As for his musical influences, Brandon states, “The most influential time in music for me would be 90s grunge. It started my musical obsession. However, I don’t listen to it much anymore. I find that I have a broad range of rock music that I listen to, but I am manic depressive with my listening habits, typically listening to one artist obsessively up to a year or longer. Some of my previous fixations are Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, Nirvana, Nick Drake, Moneen, Autolux, Deerpeople, JD Lenoir, Skip James, Blind Willie Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, and Saves the Day.”

Kendra Boeckman (bass, vocals)
An accomplished and early developed musician, Kendra began playing viola at the age of 10 and singing in choirs at the age of 4 or 5. Kendra continued to sing choir until high school, and then began concentrating solely on her viola playing. During her high school years, Kendra received the highest possible marks during solo and ensemble state competitions, played in national and international music competitions (including several contests in Europe), earning seats of honor in national competitions, and recording a full length CD of strolling strings music with a group called the Silver Strings. While attending university, Kendra received a scholarship for music while achieving an architecture degree.

Kendra was recruited into Mockingbird to play bass in 2010, and she is currently engaged to Brandon Isaak. When asked about her musical influences, she states "In the classical world, my favorite composers (to have played in a full orchestra setting) would be Shostakovich and Dvorak. Their passion and intensity excites and overwhelms me every time I have had the privilege to play their work. I still sing the fourth movement of Dvorak's New World Symphany in my head."

David Traxler (Drummer)
After beginning drums at an age of 10, David played drums until the age of 16, when he began focusing on a potential career in the military. However, he eventually changed course and again pursued his passion for music in 2008. Besides the drums, David has also played guitar, bass, piano, and taken vocal lessons. While attending Oklahoma City Community College, David performed in the OCCC production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and played for the OCCC Jazz Band. David graduated from OCCC in 2011 with a degree emphasizing music performance.

Citing a diverse group of musicians from jazz to country, David states that artists such as Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Josh Freese, Dave Grohl, Tony Royster, Jr., Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, Dave Weckl, and Vinnie Colaiuta have been his main influences. As to how he got started in music, David states “I was always tapping around on crap when I was a kid and finally I convinced my parents to buy a kit. Took several years of band in middle and high school. I got back into when I took a music appreciation class in college.”

Brian Gabbert (lead guitar, vocals)
Perhaps the musical ugly duckling of the group, Brian didn't begin playing guitar until the age of 16, when he began learning covers of 60's and 70's rock songs from bands like Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Neil Young. Brian's love of music began early in life when he would come home early from elementary school and sneak into his father's record collection without his permission. That early forbidden fruit of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Chuck Berry shaped his aesthetic of the guitar. In the subsequent years, various musical projects developed and evaporated, eventually leading Brian to being asked to play guitar for his close friend, Brandon Isaak, who was launching an ambitious solo effort in 2007. Rather than the rhythm guitar role he was accustomed to, Brian was pushed into playing more of a lead guitar position while playing Br


Lower Class Angel

Written By: Mockingbird

Living off a dime trying to make it buy
Someone's owning me till the day I die
Just make enough to pass the time
And forget my soul's alive.
And it's just some bad luck
Coming down from above.

Trying to believe in a man up high
All about how he can make things right
But he doesn't give me much to go by
So I'm not gonna pay him time...
And it's just some bad luck
Coming down from above...
Without Love.


Mockingbird is currently recording a debut full length, studio album that is tentatively titled "Siren's Song" and scheduled for release before 2012. Much of the recording and production for the album is being done by Trent Bell, of Bell Labs Studios in Norman, OK.

Set List

Currently, Mockingbird's set list is comprised solely of original material and can play at least a one hour set.