Sleazy, filthy, absolutely contagious rock 'n' roll from the underground U.K. garage revival scene with the lyrical and musical hooks and energy to hit the big time and make people stand up to get down!


“Imagine a polar bear with tourette’s syndrome fronting the Ramones with half of Slade on guitar.” (NME-Bring It On recalls their favorite Moco moment when singer Steve Jones performed while riding around the venue in a trolley)

Moco are Steve Jones on vocals, Anthony Rigby on guitar, Nick Higham on bass, and Simon Misra on drums. Moco are grimy rock n’ roll sprinkled with mental sickness. Moco are Nurse Ratchet’s worst nightmare. They deliver a dose of sleazy Texan PCP–fuelled swamp rock that leaves fans wondering what they are on and where they can get their hands on some.

Moco formed 4 years ago in Wigan, England. Word soon spread about the rock behemoths and particularly singer Steve ‘Mobile’ Jones, whose gazelle-like stage presence captivates fans. The band plays live around the U.K. consistently, treating venues like playgrounds. Audiences are left feeling confused, delirious and questioning whether Jones was raised by a pack of wolves. One gig supporting the Parkinsons lasted as long as 32 seconds. This proved to be ample time for the band to destroy the amps, the P.A., and two tables before being ejected from the venue. It wasn’t long before NME heralded them as being the “…the most entertaining live band in Britain.”

Their debut EP “Another Day No Dollars” was released in October 2001 by Stuntmonkey Records. It was recorded in the Jaraff House in Wigan and produced by John Kettle. It sounded dirty, energetic and sleazy, and featured the live favorite “Flooky Wonderland.” Another track “Where She Goes” achieved Single of the Week in NME and won over BBC Radio 1. Selling out instantly, it screamed to number 5 at Manchester’s Picadilly Records and Rough Trade in London had to order in more copies after a week.

By this time Moco had fostered an enviable roll call of North Western England’s finest musicians as fans. The Charlatans asked them to support at the NME Carling Awards. Members of the Doves and Elbow were often found at their shows. They supported Electric 6, also big fans of the band.

Having gained recognition across England with their contagious songs and no holds barred live show, Moco is now ready to get a load off in the States. Moco release their debut album “Out to Go” in the US on May 25th through independent label Pit Pony Records based in San Francisco. Comprising 11 tracks, “Out to Go” is so much fun, it will take you just 32 minutes to feel guilty from loving it so much you have to listen to it all over again.

The album impacted US college radio across the country on May 25. It's currently #115 on CMJ Top 200 and is being played by Nic Harcourt on Morning Becomes Eclectic at KCRW in Los Angeles.


Latest Release
May 2004 - "Out to Go" - Debut Full-Length Album

Radio Airplay - "Moco Loco"; "Early Liz Hurley"; "Out to Go"; "Baby When You Die"
Currently #115 on CMJ Top 200
Currently getting play by Nic Harcourt on KCRW in Los Angeles
"Moco Loco" currently streaming on RealRhapsody's Indie Rock Plus radio station
Music Video for "Baby When You Die" on MTV2 in Europe


(UK) "Baby When You Die" Single - August 2004
(UK) "Miss Mantaray" EP - July 2003
(UK) "Where She Goes" EP - September 2002

Set List

Typical Set List
Cool Dancing
Early Liz Hurley
Completely Gone
Miss Mantaray
Where She Goes
Baby When You Die
Flooky Wonderland
The New Official Truth
She's Fine

Set Length = approx. 30-40 minutes