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"“Fur Love” – We All Need Rescuing at Some Point in our Lives"

TAKOMA, DC – In a slumping economy where big time CEOs are asking for bailouts, ordinary people are trying to hold on to their homes, their jobs, and whatever they have left in their 401Ks, one DC woman is letting her money go to the dogs ... literally.

There are hundreds of homeless pets living at the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL). “These animals are not damaged goods,” says Allison Schwartz, WARL’s volunteer manager. “These animals have no where else to turn but with more money, we can do even more for the animals.” Local artist Mo Condo wants to honor these animals in a benefit concert Fur Love with proceeds to help her furry friends at the Washington Animal Rescue League.

After winning $10,000 in a music competition, Mo wants to give to those who stood by her, licked her nose, and put their paws in her hands – the animals she cared for as a veterinary technician while she struggled to get her career off the ground. Mo's CD Release Party, Fur Love, will feature her new EP “Us.” It’s a pop-for-grown-ups composition of slick production, lively hooks and taut lyrics. Mo's silky voice and well-honed songwriting read like an older, wiser Michelle Branch. After years of enduring personal demons of stage fright and alcoholism, career setbacks, and scam artists, Mo realizes it’s the intangible result of winning that competition that matters the most. She recalls, "Winning this contest was the first time someone professional, who didn't just want to use me for their own ends, said to me 'You can do this. You should be doing this' It was the reaffirmation I needed to get up and try again."

You can hear songs like “Dream,” “Special,” “Shy,” and “Us” Wednesday, December 3rd at 8 PM at the famed State Theater, 220 N. Washington St., Falls Church, VA. Tickets are $25 on sale now at The State Theater Box Office. Call 703-237-0300 or visit for more information. "Us," the new album by Mo Condo, now available on Rhapsody and iTunes.
- WTOP Online

"Warming Hearts - One Cold Wet Nose at a Time"

TAKOMA PARK, MD – March may be here like a lion, but one DC native is thinking more along the lines of kittens. And puppies. And cats and dogs, too. With many people losing their homes, Morrigan “Mo” Condo, rising pop singer - and animal rescue activist - wants to remind folks that it’s not just humans suffering in this economy.

When a family loses a home, their pet loses a home, too. Transient families have nowhere to house their four-footed friends during the day, not to mention the expenses of care and feeding. Cats and dogs are being abandoned in record numbers, left alone in foreclosed houses and yards to freeze, starve or fend for themselves. Right now, there are hundreds of homeless pets housed at the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL) in Northwest DC. “These animals are not damaged goods,” says Allison Schwartz, WARL’s volunteer manager. “But more and more of these former family pets have nowhere else to turn, and are in need of new homes.”

Recently Mo put on a benefit concert for these animals, Fur Love, at the State Theater, donating thousands of dollars in profits directly to WARL. Now, with the need increasing, she’s hosting an official WARL Adoption Event at The Wonderland Grille and Ballroom in Northwest DC on Saturday, April 4th, from 12 noon to 3 PM. Families and pop music fans will be able to meet some of WARL’s adoptable dogs and puppies in Wonderland’s courtyard, get autographed copies of Mo’s new CD “Us” and talk to Mo herself about her experiences rescuing cats while sampling some of Wonderland’s superb menu items. Then on Wednesday night, April 8th, Mo will host her CD Release Party at Wonderland with a live band, DJ, and free giveaways - once again donating all CD sales to WARL.
Winning the Free Ride Music Competition in 2008 put Mo Condo on the music industry map, but her first love remains the animals she cared for as a veterinary technician while she was still a struggling local musician. Mo's upcoming CD Release Party at The Wonderland Ballroom will feature Mo’s live band “Morrigan and The Strays” (strays - get it?) performing tracks from her new EP Us.  In this retro-dance-pop offering, Mo’s silky voice treads a nimble line between Seal and Alanis Morissette, combining smooth beats with clever pop lyrics.
WARL ADOPTION EVENT: Saturday April 4th, 12 noon - 3 PM, Free - All Ages in the Wonderland
courtyard, 1101 Kenyon St. NW, Washington, DC 202-726-2556. LIVE SHOW: Wednesday, April 8th at 9 PM. Also featuring DJ Double 07. Free Show - 21+ only, at The Wonderland Ballroom, 1101 Kenyon St. NW 202-232-5263. Us, the new album by Mo Condo, now available on Amazon; mp3s available at Rhapsody and iTunes. - Takoma Gazette

"Morrigan Debuts "Unbearably Sweet""

Morrigan Condo - singer, songwriter, pianist, karaoke aficionada - releases her debut album, "Unbearably Sweet," at Jammin' Java Nov. 21, with onstage help from guitarist-producer Brad Allen and Ubervox compatriots Joanne Juskus and Michelle Swan.

An effervescent 29-year-old so enthusiastic -- well, about everything -- it's catching, even through a brief phone interview.

Morrigan releases debut album, "Unbearably Sweet," at Jammin' Java Nov. 21

Morrigan (she goes by the one name) has a breezy personality that is audible in her music. If you've forgotten what it's like to truly be in love with life, a Morrigan fix might be the ticket to a fresh start.

She spent the last few months with producer Brad Allen at his Greenworld Studios in McLean, Va., putting on disc her "little babies," songs she describes as "acoustic folk rock for soft ears and bruised souls." With careful thought she chose Jammin' Java, "one of the best listening rooms in northern Virginia," to officially present her offsprings to the world. New York City cabaret performer Melanie Neergard will host this coming out party; Lianna, a recent transplant from North Carolina, opens the show. Joanne Juskus, Michelle Swan and Kevin Avery will back up Morrigan on special segments throughout the night.

Maria Villafana - The Washington Post (Nov 13, 2002)

"DC's Sweetest Prodigy"

DC's sweetest prodigy

A CD review and a concert review

By Zak Metz

It’s refreshing to meet someone talented who also embodies the qualities of modesty and humility. The mix results is one cool chick with a personality that is "unbearably sweet” indeed. Some of her songs are somber and sad and may remind you of times and relationships you’d rather forget. Others will breathe life into your soul and renew your love for the simple things in life, for slowing down and enjoying the ride. Her music, the songs she calls her children, is her purest expression.

Morrigan may just be a case study in survival. Things began quickly. Her talented voice and unparalleled stage presence had won her opportunities since she was a child. Indeed, Morrigan seems to have been doused in talent by some higher power.

But in a Job-like twist, her ability to perform was taken away by damaged vocal cords just before she completed high school, this after having performed since age eight, having won endless awards at every competitive level, and getting every part she auditioned for. She was her voice, and her voice was gone.

Robbed of her identity, she was driven into depression and a self-destructive lifestyle that further threatened her chances of singing again. The damage that had already been diagnosed as irreversible. Overcoming alcohol and drugs was a lengthy process, but her reward was the gradual, but startling recovery of her singing ability.

By late ’01, her voice completely healed, she headed into the studio to record her debut album, Unbearably Sweet. The lyrics are brilliant pieces of poetry, mature lyrics from someone who has returned from the depths.

In "This Girl,” Morrigan again tackles post-breakup sadness: "This girl knows you all too well/Don’t you have anything left to spare/For this poor child who’s lost in despair over you.”

"My City” expresses her bond with the DC area where she’s grown up and still lives. She’s in love with life, but realistic about it. "My city loves me—I lie in my cradle/I love each and every road,” but follows with, "I complain like everyone else/I know it’s not perfect/But this is my center of the universe,” eliciting a smile of understanding.

Morrigan has a great sense of humor—just give "Wulf Sez” a listen. This kid-friendly ditty is a fun exploration of "Wulf”’s mind as he sneakily creeps up on some "lucky feet:” "Caught sight of some big, tall ears and tails that look like cotton/Don’t think they’ve noticed me yet sneakin’ up behind them.”

Although she writes on and plays guitar, and clearly her strongest asset is her voice, she takes a break from both and astonishes us with "Waiting,” an original piano piece that’s creative and passionate.

The closing track, "Flood,” is the highlight of album. It’s a denial of fate’s control, independence from her failed vocal cords: "Too many days spent still and wasted/Not comfortable in any chair/Curled up on the kitchen floor/Sticky with despair,” then climaxing with her declaration, "Oo but the wind is sweet/And I finally shed my wet relief/And we’ve got each other’s souls to keep/And it won’t be so dark—tonight.”

Distortion was at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Virginia on March 18 to see Morrigan perform.

Before the show, Morrigan talked about how she enjoyed bringing groups of performers together for a single show to see what sort of chemistry results, to hear her songs performed in a new way.

The group definitely had a vibe. Everyone on stage was not only talented, but clearly have a blast performing for the enthusiastic audience. And what a great venue; part coffee shop, part restaurant, with a 180-capacity concert area, Jammin’ Java presents shows seven nights a week. The warm lighting, top-notch sound system, and soft acoustics, and even softer chairs made for a most enjoyable show.

Morrigan’s voice was powerful and moving, and was amplified just right. She belted out all the favorites with authority and conviction, and teased her fans with a couple new ones from her "upcoming” album.

A bit of banter and some shout-outs from the audience kept the mood light and casual. Morrigan looked as confident as if she were performing for a group of friends. It’s contagious; she makes you feel like a friend who she’s glad to see as she express herself the best way she can.

Morrigan hangs the reality of her life on the line for all to see. Her courage in overcoming obstacles is inspirational. Sometimes it’s very easy to see who will be successful at whatever they put their hands to. This is one of those times. She is already a success in many ways, and the adversity she’s overcome has made her that much stronger.

Zak Metz - Distortion Music Magazine (Mar 28, 2003)

- Distortion Music Magazine


Just Tell Me (January, 2010)

Us (December 2008)

Cords & Strings (March 2008)

[with Waking State] Hang On (February 2005)

Unbearably Sweet (November 2002)

Learner's Permit (September 1998)



Morrigan has been performing onstage since the age of 8 as a singer, actress and bandleader. She wrote her first song at the age of eleven.

She was 2008's Free Ride Independent Music Contest Winner (see Sonicbids for info on this contest, sponsored by Human Factor Productions), and produced the contest's most successful album to date, "Us," with international producer Blake Althen.

A lifelong animal lover, Mo turned her success into a philanthropic venture, producing the first FUR LOVE benefit concert to raise money and awareness for Animal Rescue Organizations. The show over three thousand dollars for Washington DC's state-of-the-art animal shelter, hospital, and rehabilitation center, the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL).

Mo has developed her own band, Morrigan & The Strays and created her own music label, M. Ladi Productions, and continues to push against conventional wisdom to create her own path towards a successful music career.