The Modalities -- island vibe mixes with american world beat creating a fun, multi-cultural blend of upbeat music.


A blend of island vibe, a bit of hip-hop, a drop of funk, a slice of rock, and an endless supply of fun. The Modalities are based in the North Bay and perform regularly at local coffee shops, restaurants, and bars in the area. They appeal to many age groups and audiences diverse in culture.

Frontman Singer Shawn San Nicholas from Guam weaves in a bit of island vibe into this eclectic mix of beats. Many of the other band members take the mic during live shows and the band often invites other local artists to step up during jam songs.

Each year the Modalities perform at the "Under the Sun" summer concert Series. Under the Sun is an event of original music and an exhibition of the arts. For 2005, Under the Sun will take place June 25th at the People's Park in Berkeley, California.

Recently, the Modalities were selected by Circle of Seven Productions to perform in one of their book trailer commercials. The trailer was based on Dark Melody, a novel by New York Times Best-selling author Christine Feehan. The book trailer DVD featured three Modalities songs and their Self Arise music video.

In the year 2003 the Modalities recorded their first album Self Arise. The album was recorded at Prairie Sun Recording Studio in Cotati, CA and features nine songs. It has done well selling locally and via CDBABY.COM. Three songs are offered to visitors for free download from their website.

The Modalities are currently working on new material for their next album and are performing for the summer crowds.


Self Arise, 2003. Track list includes: Self Arise, Island Vibe, Moments, Am a Man, Rise Up, To Love Me, Langet, Be My Lady, and Killing Me.

Dark Melody DVD, 2003. Be My Lady, Moments, and Self Arise were featured.

Set List

We perform all original music. Once-in-a-while we will add a cover for fun or merg some well known music into ours to bridge the gap for new audiences.

We like to mix of the set list with a lot of styles of music (hip-hop, rock, world beat). If we feel that an audience enjoys one style above the rest we will change the set list to accomodate their taste.

Our typical full set is four hours long. We play 2, 1-hour sets and end with an hour and a half set. We take a fifteen minute break between sets.

Our short set is as short as you want it. We prefer to do at least an hour set, but are open to different arrangements. When we open for a group we typically perform for an hour. Given the choice we will always prefer to play longer vs. shorter, but we stay open minded.