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"CD Review"

Mod Effect - For The Life Of M.E.
released 2004
Reviewer: Maggie Solum

Rating: 4/5

This Texas group leads their local scene with - yes - a female vocalist. Singer Tracy bashes the stereotype beneath her boots with a block and block voice, once matching and perhaps going above the melody and strength of most big label bands fronted by women.

The clarity and organization of the sound on this album is extremely impressive, as if it belonged to a sunset slot band on an OzzFest stage, screaming out in pride of the bands' overall experience. Though the tracks jump slight style differences they continue to keep a signature sound, filled to the brim with euphonic vocals and all-around metal guitar riffs that chase you away from the "Stop" button. The in-and-out sound of a few intros almost reminded me of older Drowning Pool, but the pounding that followed always made a new name for itself.

Beginning with "I Suffer You", and amazing outburst of pure rock/metal talent, and ending with "Simplicity", a lower-toned track created to assuage, "For the Life of Me" proves to be anything but 'just another indie record' - it could be a new face in metal if it reached more ears. Supported with a steadily growing population of women-fronted metal acts, Mod Effect could be well on their way.

Track Listing:
1. Suffer You
2. At A Lost
3. Only One
4. Desecrate
5. Bystander
6. Hollowed Out
7. Simplicity - Fourteen G E-zine


For The Life Of M.E. - EP, 2004.
Under The Radar - DEMO, 2007.



Mod Effect uses innovative forms of expression that distinguish their captivating sound, each member respectfully compromises their individual style to compliment the whole. Mod Effect draws from a wide array of influences that join to comprise quite a unique sound only fully appreciated at one of their visceral live shows. Accompanied on stage with the likes of Powerman 5000 and other hard hitting acts, Mod Effect is the one that stands out after the show echoes in your ears.

Mod Effect was formed in February of 2003. Since then they recorded an EP titled "For The Life Of M.E." and a 4 song demo "Under The Radar". A Dallas, TX based band that has never compromised or veered their sound and style to be anything but their own. Sticking true to their roots, Mod Effect is one of the few "Last Bands Standing" in Dallas, TX today. They have witnessed others that shared a stage with them, fall to pieces or start anew over and over through the few years they have existed. Refusing to follow, Mod Effect time and time again rises to the occasion, keeps on trucking and never falls below the height of the bar their fans and friends have raised to them.