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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop


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Lowell Massachusetts brings us some heat in the form of a multi-talented artist, Modefi. His new project The Andromeda Mixtape is the perfect example of how hard work mixed with a devotion for what you do can result in a quality album. This celestial mix of electronic beeps, heavy rock instruments and crisp snare drums are proof of Modefi's skills behind the production boards. Modefi breathes new life into the rock/rap fusion of years past by switching up flows and layering in contemporary sounds to keep it fresh. Though his tone is mostly dark and serious throughout the album there are a few tracks that are lyrically lighter and upbeat. Overall The Andromeda Mixtape is a well-planned, well-thought-out album filled with powerful energy and die-hard passion. For more updates from Modefi, like him facebook. - Matt Fontaine

Rapper-producer Modefi just recently dropped his third project, Ursa Major. The 9-track tape was produced entirely by himself and features no guest appearances, strictly Modefi with his own thoughts and rhymes.

1) Tell me about the story behind Ursa Major. It sounds like there’s been a lot of thought put behind the mixtape’s concept.

This album hits you at different levels for sure. The story of Ursa Major (as the constellation) for those that don’t know is of a woman who loves a god and when the spouse of the god finds out turns this other woman into a bear.

To me that resonates with the idea of how I feel about hip hop and yet other lovers of hip hop try to keep me from doing me.

The other level of this is that this originally started as a 7 track EP that corresponds with the different Chakras. A Chakra is a particular source of energy that can strengthen or weaken depending on how you live your life.

So if you read up on which chakra’s represent what – I tried to relate those feelings and abilities in each record. Higher levels of meditation include the 8th chakra as a universal connection to all beings.. and So i had to do a track that reflected the essence of leaving it all behind and just being.

A lot of why I did this was to be able to push myself in a different direction. The music industry is so saturated with hip hop music that the content is really more crucial than ever to stand out.

I wanted to learn about something while I created something from my discoveries. Literally days would start with my head in books and end with my ears soaked in music. Focus like that helped me put everything about my life into perspective.

2) What’s your process in the studio? Does it vary track by track or do you have a routine?

Well usually I go into my writing process with just the beat first. I spend weeks on the music portion getting the breaks and the fills right, and also to keep referencing my stuff on different audio systems.

I won’t put vocals on something that doesn’t sound just right in my car. When the vocal tracking begins my brain switches and analyses my delivery, the sibilance, the message or the reason why I’m saying what I’m saying at a given on the record. Its just as important to give actual rapping as much attention as the beat for me. not even how listeners feel about it but for me. that’s my life in 3 or so minutes you’re hearing so why half-ass the story you’re telling?

Tracks like “Camouflage” took several versions for me to to really feel good about it. Whereas “Prologue” was great to me as raw as I could keep it.

3) As an independent artist grinding it out, what are you doing to differentiate and market yourself?

In today’s industry I always maintain a student/businessman mentality. I’m a student to everyone who’s been successful without bias. Theres always something to be learned from those who achieve similar goals to yours.

As a businessman, or rather an artist approaching what you love to do as a potentially successful business, I have to realize that certain decisions made, no matter how dope in the moment might actually hinder success – like pouring tons of money into a photoshoot and good production and not having an album marketing plan.

These days labels aren’t so eager to scoop up new talent unless they see potential for income. So my position is why wait? The info and how-to is out there on the web, so why wouldnt I take advantage of that for my music? What makes me different from everyone else is that I’ve never stuck to the confines of being labeled a rapper. I’m much more than that.

4) How do you feel about hip-hop today and where it’s headed?

Hip-hop today is shifting. Personally for me, I write newer hip-hop music because thats what I get excited about. I came up listening to old school rap (A Tribe Called Quest, KRS One, Biggie, Wu-Tang, etc.) and that plus my own experiences make up what I create.

Now, I’ll go and play a show and depending on the region some crowds are stuck on that old school. And some love the new school. That makes me feel like the acceptance of new styles versus the concept of new styles are debatable topics among crowds.

The key for artists is one of two ideals – to be able to adapt and conquer or to push your own individuality. Either way the content of your raps has to stay true to who you are.

5) Which 3 rappers would replace in these lyrics: “Argue all day about who’s the best MCs, Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas?”

Talib, Lupe, or Wale (Logic would def be in there too) -



The Andromeda Mixtape - 2013 - Self Released, available on iTunes

Mission:Orion - 2013 - Self Released, Available on iTunes

More Than Music Mixtapes - 2012 - Self Released



Patrick Bosse otherwise known as Modefi is an American Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer from the Eastern Coast, Boston MA. He started making beats and rapping to them in 2010. But music has always been a part of his life. While going to school at CRAS (Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences) Pat learned the signal flow of the various studios and gained an internship in New York. Pat did a mixtape the following year while living in Brooklyn NY on an internship to a local studio.He played shows under the names KMGT and then MODEFI.

“At a show at the Amaretto Lounge the dude kept saying I modified the game going from rock to rap. so the next week I went back as Modefi.”

When his father took ill with an infected hip replacement, Pat moved back home to be closer to family. While there, ”Mission:Orion” was an LP Modefi self released on iTunes officially on June 30th, followed by "The Andromeda Mixtape" in October of 2013, Which brought on 2 music videos first “Bounce” - an edm/rap track that keeps a fast paced energy, and “Dark Matter” - an edgy deeper rap track that brings a sense of mystery. Modefi has played various venues across the east coast as well since.

Modefi as a kid growing up played music in any setting. In school he played drums for the concert and jazz ensemble. He was always with groups of kids making new bands. He left college early to tour with a metal band but finished his degree online and after the band fell through he tour managed other artists. 

Coming into 2014, Modefi will release  another album soon independently. Ursa Major will be a 9 song EP. An interview about the record can be found at The record is scheduled to release on 10/22. The Single “That New Upgrade” is streaming on Soundcloud and Reverberation now. 

Modefi has worked with such companies as Entourage Management, Rude Boy Clothing, Divine Minds, MLD Productions, Misdirected Media, Midas Touch Promotions, and more... 

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