Model A

Model A

 Sacramento, California, USA

Model A is an eclectic mix of rock and electronica. With styles that vary from garage electro clash, dreamlike shoegaze psych to glitchy breakbeats and classical soundtracks. This band has no boundaries. They can do anything they want to do and make it sound unique.


Model A has always had the intention of creating sonics that evoke emotion and thought. With a digital tones and an analog state of mind, the past and future collide in a state of flux.
"It's a fine line we walk. We have this need to push the envelope, but yet we still try to keep the music familiar enough so that you don't lose everyone in your own self-absorption. Ultimately it is about writing a good song." -Brennan of Model A.
Model A has been labeled as Progressive Rock in many camps, but the stigma of endless solos and musical insensibility weigh heavy on the Model A view of Prog, so they tend to prefer "Art Rock" instead as the point is to create something of artistic substance.
Model A was in a state of exploration for the first years of existence, releasing an EP and Single in 2001 and 2002. Soon thereafter, Model A truly solidified and began to take off greatly when the six track CD, “Transmission Lost” was completed in 2004. The sound ventured through several styles in which Model A excels even going as far as throwing in vacuum cleaners and found sounds to the sonic collages they made. For their efforts, Model A generated some attention in the progressive market with a placement in iTunes essentials under "Modern Prog" with the likes of The Mars Volta and Porcupine Tree and earned highly rated reviews in many online circles and press mags. In 2005, two national tours and a single
entitled "Chic" followed to an equally enthusiastic response despite the hurricanes that blew through the tour path. Now in 2011 after a hiatus, Model A is about to release their fifth work titled, Somnophone under their label First Modulation-Model A Music as a duo.

Model A has performed with many eclectic acts including Mark Gardner of Ride, Goldrush, Jason Webley, Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle/Fantomas, and Dale Crover of the Melvins and more.

The past sound of Model A has been compared to Radiohead, Muse, Mars Volta, Marillion, U2, Spaceman 3, Rush, Placebo,and more, but none can be easily assumed as a major sonic blueprint. Model A truly has its own voice and stands as a unique addition to the music world.


Out Come The Gods

Written By: Brennan Rose

Walk among the silver lines
Shaking webs of dawn and white
I'm out here as a boy
Out, out to save the world
and now, found it in my dreams
in my wildest, my wildest dreams

Soon I'm coming to a door
its so heavy and closed, but I go knocking
and then a hole opened inside the wall
then eyes, diamond black and cold, so cold
and now, out come the gods, so run or else be bitten

Sometimes it doesn't work out
Sometimes it just doesn't work
Sometimes it doesn't work out
Sometimes it just doesn't work

I tried to slow the pace they come
but there's no driving them to the ground
I fell, bled to save the cause
In my wildest, my wildest dreams

Sometimes it doesn't work out
Sometimes you have to live and let go
Sometimes it doesn't work out
Sometimes you just have to live


Written By: Sean Cobb

One pin prick
and some paper
your feet have left the ground
don't hide what clouds are making
the rain will bring you down

There you go
your wings will be a great memento

Reinventing The Wheel

Written By: Brennan Rose

Reinventing the Wheel

You'd think you're reinventing the wheel
the way you think the world revolves around you
You think I'm gonna be there for you
When it turns out that you're wrong

Well I'm not, I'm not

You think you've got the magical touch
You think you're gonna go for the gold
Well who's going to cheer for the fool
when the torch fires all go cold?
Well I'm not, I'm not

'cause you sold your soul (yes you did)
you sold your soul (for the lowest bid)

and there's no

coming back
coming back
coming back... for it

you're twisting not turning
you're spinning, but not rolling
forward we must go


The Stir EP - 2001
Pilots Of Radio Waves - Single -2002
Transmission:Lost - LP - 2004
Chic - Single - 2005
Somnophone - Single - March, 2011

Streaming on Soundcloud

Songs from Transmission Lost, The Stir, and Chic have all had college radio airplay, with Transmission: Lost and Chic receiving welcome attention regionally and abroad.

Set List

Typical Set list around 40-60 minutes

Song Titles:
Out Come The Gods
The Road Song
Midnight Dive
Reinventing The Wheel