Model Cars

Model Cars


Model Cars is an indie rock band out of Boston, MA who is heavily influenced by the likes of Miles Davis and Led Zeppelin among many others. Driven to write pop music that is unique yet still enjoyable to the masses, Model Cars is a band that will you keeping guessing till the very end.


After moving to Boston in 2006, Claudio Olachea had been waiting to discover other musicians whose goal it was to play original, indie rock-driven music. After several years of banging out tunes on the piano, Claudio was tired of playing for himself and began searching for musicians who were inspired by intelligent, melodic and harmonic movement. Mike Day was the first piece to fit into the unique puzzle that is now Model Cars. With his funky bass playing and appreciation for strong grooves, he was the perfect fit. Mike was quick to suggest his childhood friend Kevin Lynch, a drummer possessed with an unbelievable rock sense. Kevin happily joined Model Cars and after jamming as a trio for a short while, the already tight-knit group was in need of a guitarist. Matt Berger, with his innate ability for creating harmony, proved to be the missing piece of the puzzle. Model Cars was formed. After only two months as a band, Model Cars was ready to go and immediately began recording in their home studio with a fierce desire to share their music with the world.


Claudio Olachea


Waiting EP

Set List

Model Cars can perform for 1-2 hours playing all original music and up to four hours including covers.