Model Rocket Scientist

Model Rocket Scientist


A electronic soundscape of rock and roll, pop, folk. The Ramones meets Johnny Cash meets They might be giants in space.


“Model Rocket Scientist”

Singer/Songwriter Don Schwieger Jr. a Chicago land native presents “Model Rocket Scientist” with
“Don Toearth”, “Junior”, “Stennis”,” Pete the manager” and don’t forget “Rick the Roadie” to have many disagreements, misunderstandings and misadventures in a series of short films, skits & music videos. While behind the scenes D.Schwieger Jr. creates the music played by the band. A typical Model Rocket Scientist show consists of 3 drum machines, sampler, two synthesizers, piano module, floor tom, percussion pieces, cymbals and either Don Toearth, Junior, or Stennis singing depending on who’s available to perform/be on time if in fact they didn’t get themselves in another crazy misadventure that seems to always prevent them to performing a show together at the same time. Luckily, do to technology all 3 members are capable of performing the music without each other but one day some in the band hope to become responsible enough to play a show together with a full drum kit, guitars, the works. Don Schwieger Jr. has been listening to music his whole life & began playing and writing music over 10 years ago. Don has shared show line up’s with people like “Billy Corrigan from the Smashing Pumpkins”, members of “Wilco”, Guided by Voices, Voodoo Glow Skulls, “Garcia” from Comedy Centrals “Reno 911”. Most recently “Model Rocket Scientist” won 2 Los Angeles Music Awards in 2006 for “experimental male singer/songwriter of the year & industrial male singer/songwriter of the year, 3 nominations total. Don also studied and performed improvisation, sketch comedy & drama. A graduate of The Second City Conservatory program and Improv Olympic Training Center. Don has performed on a Harold team at Improv Olympic, Chicago Sketch Comedy Fest, written and performed Independent Sketch shows. Acted in Converse shoes (spec commercial), stared in a U.S.C. student film, First Aid training video (A supervisor that got side wiped by a fork lift). Getting his art out there and being a part of other people’s art is what Don Schwieger Jr. strives to do, so steady he goes keeping the nose and eyes to the grindstone. While in his free time enjoying painting and creating abstract computer art when he is not out and about observing and experiencing the earth.


"Junior"(formly "Junior") "Drum&Space"
"Model Rocket Scientist " "songs for traveling to places"
air on UCLA radio

Set List

I can play for 3 hours even more but 1 hour is what I would regularly play but bring it on. I'm funny between songs and during some.