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At The Gates

Written By: Ben Wild

People live and people die
But the earth just keeps on spinning
The future forgets the losers
And the winners keep on winning

Chorus: Oh I feel like I'm chasing the wind
I get punished when I haven't sinned
I'll say it again yeah, history repeats
Man at the gates won't you save me a seat?

Justice took a break from earth
He'll be back in five
Fastest man don't always win the race
Ain't scared of death so I'm glad to be alive


I never needed a hymn sheet
To tell you how I feel
And you never bought me a ring
And yet still you made me kneel
You had a saintly grin, but a devil's smile
You walked crazy in '50's style
And if all I meant was underpants and flowers in your room
Well, for better for worse says the musical groom