Headed for the top.


I like U2, tom is into all kinds of metal, paul likes led zeppelin and 70's rock, michael is into people like damien rice and pat is into swing and sinatra. We're all ambitious and haven't got any other way out of the rat rade than music. We all like different music, so we get a mixture of influence and our music ranges from rock to funk to punk to country to pop and jazz. We've always maintained a policy of playing any music that's good, no covers and no discriminating against any kind of music. We have our own style and will never fit the mould, we'll make our own mould.


At The Gates

Written By: Ben Wild

People live and people die
But the earth just keeps on spinning
The future forgets the losers and the winners keep on winning

Oh I feel like I'm chasing the wind
I get punished when I haven't sinned
I'll say it again yeah history repeats
Man at the gates
Won't you save me a seat

Verse 2:
Justice took a break from earth
He'll be back in five
Fastest man don't always win the race
Ain't scared of death so I'm glad to be alive


Verse 3:
I got something borrowed babe
I got something old and new
I don't care for tommorow yeah
And yet I still feel blue


Verse 4:
I landed safe from my leap of faith
Angel face and devil smile
You walked crazy in 50's style
You said come inside, plenty of room
For better for worse says the musical groom



Hell no.

Set List

Our full list of complete songs goes like this: The Longest Time, Sweet Sally, Ray Jay, At The Gates, Words, Funky Cornfields, Mr Woods Amazing Adventures, Mr Armenise, Revolution and Squire.