brandnew psy-progressive live project from Reanto Schnyder (GOMA) and Roger Gnos (Mindsurfer) - they're performing high-quality and well-arranged morning trance.


MODE MODULAR is the brand-new progressive trance project from GOMA and MINDSURFER. Founded in summer 2008 Renato and Roger decided to start a collaboration to unify their musically talents for a common progressive music project. Goma, a well known full on live act, and Mindsurfer, a progressive psytrance act combine their skills and create MODE MODULAR as a new progressive and minimal live-experience. Atmospheric melodies and clear and drifting baselines are trademarks of this project as well as properly produced arrangements. Just finished their first live-set, they joined the swiss based psytrance and progressive label nandan production. As Goma is already one of nandan productions’s most requested live artists, and Mindsurfer , one of the newest signs from nandan production, the label is looking forward for the collaboration with their new and encouraging co-project MODE MODULAR


MODE MODULAR rmx from Fatali's track "Soulcontrol" released on FM-Music