Post-Punk melodic and moody rock band with a sound that evokes the early 80's dark and romantic movement. Uptempo and serious with a very intense live show. With a strong focus on songwriting, Modernage is always trying to impress. The music will get under your skin.


In March 2003, Xavier and Giancarlo met through the Internet musician's classifieds. Xavier's songwriting abilities were complemented by Giancarlo's distinctive vocal style. Sharing the same passion for music and the desire to change the local Miami music scene, they recruited drummer Sean and bassist Guesto. Each individual brought a unique sound to the mix. Their spectrum of music includes the British pop movement of the 90's and the indie American sound of today.
Modernage has accomplished a lot in a very short time. Having already played every major rock venue in Miami, the band was selected by national act ELEFANT as their Miami opening act during their headlining national tour. This after only 7 months of having played their first gig.
Modernage recently performed at a Winter Music Conference showcase at i/o Lounge, where the popular alternative rock/dance night POPLIFE takes place. Thanks to their LIVE promotional cd, fans have been spreading the word about Modernage and have helped build a network throughout the United States, England, and Australia. College radio stations as well as some underground FM stations have praised the LIVE demo and are impatiently awaiting their first studio EP which will be released later this year. Regarded by many local musicians as the best new sound of South Florida.


The first studio EP is currently in production. A local favorite, the Modernage Live EP is available upon request.

Set List

Set lists depend on the venue, crowd, and time allowed. Average set is between 35 and 40 minutes. The music is all original.