Modern Art

Modern Art



Modern Art is the combination of Lynette Williams and Ben Thomas. Lynette is a singer/songwriter from Ridgewood, NJ whose been singing from a young age and writing her songs since the age of 16. She has a beautiful voice, sometimes known to bring audience members to tears, and a songwriting style that is truly unlike anything else out there. She creates music that is complex and simple, dark and joyful, abstract and tangible, sometimes all in the same verse. She draws inspiration not only from other musicians but from visual art, poetry, and films. Ben is from Murfreesboro, TN and began playing the guitar at the age of 13. He started with blues and psychedelic rock and was later introduced to jazz. He spent most of his high school career hanging around older musicians, learning the tricks of the trade and the gritty rock and roll life style. He is interested in philosophy and literature, and is obsessed with music and sound. The two met at a Berklee summer program in 2004. They started performing together once they were both full time students at Berklee with Lynette writing the songs and Ben adding layers of sound to what Lynette was creating. They’ve performed mostly as a duo, sometimes bringing other musicians into the mix. Their sound is a mixture of soul, pop, blues, rock, folk, jazz, with a little twang, or in fewer words, indie soul.

Set List

Modern Art's typical set list includes mostly originals, written by Lynette and Ben. Although the Band does play covers by Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Radiohead, Flaming Lips, and Cold Play, etc.