Moderna Tradição

Moderna Tradição


Moderna Tradição - an encounter of veteran master musicians performing the choro - instrumental music from Brazil. Filled with musical beauty, melodic improvising, very attractive tone colors, and a memorable ensemble sound, New Old Music is a delight. The CD was released in the US and in Brazil.


Moderna Tradição - an encounter of  veteran master musicians performing the choro - instrumental music created in Brazil at the end of the XIX century and still very much alive and growing today. Performed by a quintet having the slightly unusual instrumentation of mandolin, soprano-sax, guitar, piano and percussion. The performances are full of life and display impeccable musicianship, colorful arrangements, and many beautiful themes.

Some of the songs are more familiar than others and all of the treatments are colorful, filled with subtle surprises. The five musicians - Isaias De Almeida on mandolin, Naylor Proveta on soprano (doubling on clarinet), acoustic guitarist Israel de Almeida, pianist Benjamin Taubkin, and percussionist Guello (with baritonist Teco Cardosa guesting on “Cochichando”) - are widely respected in Brazil.

Filled with musical beauty, melodic improvising, very attractive tone colors, and a memorable ensemble sound, New Old Music is a delight. The CD was released in Brasil by Núcleo Contemporâneo and in The United States by Adventure Music.

The group has been performing in Brazil and Europe in festivals such as Masala, Hannover and Rudolstadt, both in Germany; and Glatt & Verkehrt, Austria. During these tours, Moderna Tradição was invited to Record a special programm to WDR, the main radio in German and was one of the highlights at the austrician radio ORF.


Benjamim Taubkin (piano)
Brazilian music has been the playing field for this instrumentalist, arranger, composer, and producer. As a musician he has participated in several formations – that range from soloing to symphonic orchestras - presenting in Brazil and abroad. Some of the most recent projects he’s participated in as musician and arranger include: Jobim Sinfônico, Samwad - Rua do Encontro, Milágrimas, Orquestra Jazz Sinfônica, Paulo Moura and Monica Salmaso. His current projects include: the Orquestra Popular de Câmara, the choro ensemble Moderna Tradição, and his work with the traditional music group Abaçai. He directs the label Núcleo Contemporâneo, focused on recording Brazilian instrumental music. He is present as a musician or producer on more than 130 discs. He has coordinated projects for institutions like Itaú Cultural, and the São Paulo State Secretary of Culture. He has developed programs for SESC, CPFL, and CCBB. He is the musical curator for the Mercado Cultural da Bahia and is a member of the European Forum for World Music.

Izaías Bueno de Almeida (bandolim)
Izaías is the leader of the oldest instrumental group in São Paulo, Izaías e Seus Chorões, which still has its original composition. Since he was a child he distinguishes from playing bandolim solo, and at the age of 16 he was already performing in television programs. He has played for many years in regional groups. In some of them, he has been the leader, in others, a bandolim solo player or even the one who transcribed pieces of music.
Some of the programs in which he performed are part of Brazilian history, like: Fino da Bossa (The most Refined of the Bossa) and Bossaudade (Missing the Bossa). He participated as solo player and arranger in the famous Conjunto Atlântico (Atlantic Group). He has also played in some TV programs, like Ensaio (Rehearsal), Choro das Sextas-Feiras (Fridays´ Choro) and As Muitas Histórias da MPB (The Many Stories of Brazilian Popular Music). Isaías de Almeida is also a composer and the author of many choro songs. He was awarded the “Prêmio Movimento da MPB” (Movement of the Brazilian Popular Music Prize) for his album Quem não chora, não ama (Those who don’t cry, don’t love).

Israel 7 Cordas (7 chords guitar)
Instrumentalist, arranger and composer. He also integrates the group “Isaías e Seus Chorões”. With a lot of professional experience, he matches the knowledge in both popular and classical music, acquired in the Conservatório Dramático e Musical de São Paulo (Dramatic and Musical Conservatory of São Paulo), where he graduated in classical guitar. After having played guitar and cavaquinho, he dedicated to the 7 chords guitar, at first within the Conjunto Atlântico (Atlantic Group), during the best time of the choro music, in the 80´s, together with his brother Isaías.

Naylor “Proveta” Azevedo (saxophone)
Leader of Banda Mantiqueira (Mantiqueira Band), Proveta is considered one of the best sopro instrumentalists in Brasil. Saxophonist and clarinetist, he has a great curricula as instrumentalist and arranger. He is often invited to take part in musical workshops, courses and seminars throughout the country. He comes from Leme, in the countryside of São Paulo state, and he graduated in saxophone in 1992. He has already played with some of the most important artists, both Brazilian and international, among singers and instrumentalist


Moderna Tradição (Núcleo Contemporâneo, Brasil; Adventure music, US)

Set List

Proezas de Sólon, Pixinguinha
Vibrações, Jacob do Bandolim
Sonoroso, Kchimbinho
Pérolas, Jacob do Bandolim
Lamentos do Morro, Garoto
Gotas de Ouro, Ernesto Nazareth
Cochichando, Pixinguinha
Lamentos, Pixinguinha
Cheguei, Pixinguinha