Modern Beat Orchestra

Modern Beat Orchestra

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Modern Beat Orchestra is a cutting-edge live progressive house and electronica act featuring live vocals and sequencing, seamlessly transitioned songs, and real-time video and integrated visuals effects, all able to be performed onstage or in a standard-sized DJ booth


The Modern Beat Orchestra consists of visionary producer and composer David Edward Jensen, remixer and arranger Owen Sawyer, vocalist and lyricist Jennifer Anne Simons, and photographer/animator Travis Barker. The MBO fuses elements of progressive house, electronica, minimal, and trance, into a unique blend of melodic yet driving electronic dance music. A deep understanding of musicality, technology, physiology, and human emotion allow their music to create a complete emersion in sound and self.

Extensive training in jazz studies and classical composition, along with a true passion for electronic music, allows the MBO to propel forward in dance music. The Musical influences range from Duke Ellington, Peter Gabriel and Sarah McLachlan to Ulrich Schnauss, Way Out West and the Chemical Brothers.


Children of the Beat- Sept 2008

On and On- Oct 2008
Believe- Dec 2008
Instrumentals- Dec 2008
8 Years Later- March 2009
The Smoke- March 2009
Eclectrik- May 2009