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This band has not uploaded any videos



"What do think will happen next?"

I made it to the Emergency Room for the Modern Creatures 7" release. I'd actually only heard them via MySpace before, and the live version of the dueling basses/reverbed girl vocals combo that they spit out certainly didn't disappoint live. - From Blown Speaker blog

"Glamtastically Rockdiculous"

The Victory Square Block Party was a total blast despite wetness from above and below. No Gold was slightly tardy, but sounded brilliant in the warm afternoon air. Sun Arise was ready for fall in a wool coat and White Lung scared everyone’s parents. Choir Practice matched really nicely. Modern Creatures managed to fill a big park with sound. Chet were cute and Secret Mommy Quintet was strange as the sun went down. Frog Eyes had the most hilarious banter ever to hit that grass. We should all get together and hang out in a park more often. - Only Magazine


2007- 7" record (self-titled) with songs To A Crowd, Time To Go, and Thick, Thick Black. Released by Grotesque Modern label/Modern Creatures.

2007- "Divorce Yrself" CD with songs Divorce YrSelf, Dead Spheres, The Inside, and Updated Moderns. Self released.

2006-"1981" CD with songs To A Crowd, Time To Go, Waiting Room, and Oh! Save Us. Self released.

We have been on various podcasts and radio shows from Vancouver,B.C. (CITR) to Davis, California (Art for Spastics).

We have songs on several compilations including an East Vs. West cassette (released by Divorce Records) and 2 split cassettes with Shearing Pinx (released by Isolated Now Waves).



we are a vancouver threesome: two boys/one girl. nikki never, jeremiah howell, mikel tailor. all ex-suburbanites. nikki is socially akward but really loud. she plays bass and sings like she's bellowing. jer plays bass with tons of pedals. mike beats on drums. no rimshots either. sometimes we throw our instruments around or pop balloons. we always jump up and down. we can be confrontational, but only if we're not smiling.

some people think we are goth. they like to compare us to siouxie and the banshees. other people think we are punk. those people like to crowd-surf and mosh. we just tell them we sound like nobody and that we're not punk. we don't want more broken teeth. we fell on our faces enough being punk as teens.

we really like david bowie, spacemen 3, the rolling stones, gary numan, sonic youth, that first roxy music album, and dancing until 5am. we like it when you sing along to our songs but it throws us off, so sometimes we'll have to harmonize with you.

we are in a bunch of other bands, and most of them practice at the venue, the emergency room. they are called terror bird, white owl, defektors, and twin crystals. william gibson comes to all our shows but we pretend we don't know its' him. we should have just given him a free copy of the 7" we just put out. we also have cds, but they aren't self-titled or records.

we are beautiful, young, and hard-working. the perfect canadian citizens. we're not divas.we'll sleep in the car, eat chips for din and we'll play with a di if we need to. we're a little bit threatening, but we'll buy you a beer if you say we have good costumes.