Modern Day Atlas

Modern Day Atlas


We call it "prog pop", like if Zappa melded with The Police.


Modern Day Atlas is designed to perform anything the members of the band want to do at any given moment. Generally, this has meant twisted, oddly timed prog-rock workouts; blatant pop with yearning, soul-searching lyrics; quirky rock songs with dreamy imagery.
This band was formed back in 2003 because the members were dissatisfied by the limitations of other musical situations they'd been involved with. It's a very demanding performing situation; Modern Day Atlas songs require a lot of discipline and devotion to craft.
Modern Day Atlas began recording their debut album "Let It Settle" late in 2004. The first live performance for the band occurred in the summer of '05. "Let It Settle" was released in April '06, and the band has been performing regularly around the Delaware Valley to promote the album and our unique take on rock.

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Our debut full-length CD "Let It Settle" - 11 tracks of original Modern Day Atlas songs

Set List

Single set (45 minutes) song list:

Prevent Defense (fast rock tune)
Magic Johnson (short prog-rock instrumental)
Wasting Time (mid-tempo rock)
As It Turns Out (pop tune w/ some prog overtones)
Divita's Dilemmas (Zappa-esque jam)
Life Sentence (mid-tempo rock)
Home (up-tempo funk)
Why in God's Name (r&b influenced rock)
Move With Me (Latin-y pop)
Gravy Train (heavy metal parody)

Double Set (two 45 minute sets) song list:

Prevent Defense
Magic Johnson
What We Had (pop-rock tune)
As It Turns Out
George Bush (rap-rock)
Different Strokes (cover of the TV theme)
Life Sentence
Divita's Dilemmas
Tried So Hard (slow r&b with long solo section)
Move With Me
Gravy Train

2nd set:

Why In God's Name
CD Skipping On Me (prog/jam tune)
Wasting Time
Walking On Water (jazzy pop tune)
Bee Hive Drive (short prog instrumental)
Awoken (70s rock vibe)
Blatt (prog instrumental)
Back In NYC (Genesis cover)