Modern Day Escape

Modern Day Escape

 Orlando, Florida, USA

Modern Day Escape (STANDBY RECORDS), is an Alternative/Progressive Rock band with plays: 1,553,240 and views: 1,720,408 as of 7/19/09. We are a full time national touring act. We are also releasing our new album "House of Rats" worldwide through Sony/Victory/Red on 7/21/09 w/ full print & web promo.


Formed in Orlando, FL. in the summer of 2006, "Modern Day Escape has an infectious sound and draws in the crowd regardless of what market they are playing."-Shane Jay Hayes (Essential Media Group)

Modern Day Escape made a name for themselves on a DIY ethic. Recently signing just this year, they're now using that all or nothing mentality along with the support of a label to explode into the spotlight. They like to wear belts, and spread smiles with their brand of rock and roll that at once shreds and inspires sing-alongs and dance pits. Maybe a crowd surfer or two. You'll leave a MDE show in a pool of sweat, one less shoe and toothy grin.

Since forming barely two years ago, Orlando-based Modern Day Escape has covered more ground than they ever imagined possible. They released their self-titled debut EP Modern Day Escape in Spring of 2008. Shortly afterwards, major distributors Hot Topic, iTunes, Amazon and were helping get the group's music out there, to great acclaim. The EP has been flying off HT store shelves in their native Orlando, and has hit the Top Ten on As of Jan 5, 2009, Modern Day Escape is 13 on Smartpunk's Unsigned chart, and 22 on the Top Selling 100 CDs.
Then closing the year off with a bang, Modern Day Escape singer James Vegas is featured on the cover of the December 2008 issue of AMP Magazine for the "21 Young Guns Salute (21 Bands that will OWN in 2009)!" issue. Their track "Girls Like You" is featured on the AMP Compilation included with the issue.

This is all due to the LOVE FROM THEIR FANS, as well as the band's drive to earn it themselves with hard work and dedication. All the while, the struggle continues to overcome the obstacles that are posed to any group who refuses to compromise their artistic integrity or sell themselves short. The boys dreamt of finding a record label that would work with them, pushing as hard as they do. That dream came true in May 2009 when they signed to newly buzzing Standby Records

In 2008, Modern Day Escape toured coast to coast on "The Summer Disas-TOUR" and the "Not My House Tour." While rocking legendary venues from Florida to California, including Chain Reaction, Mesa Theatre and The White Rabbit, Modern Day Escape shared the stage with bands like Lovehatehero, Oceana, Bleed The Dream, Smile from the Trenches, and Take The Crown.

This year proves to be the biggest ever for Modern Day Escape. The band just announced the release of their HIGHLY ANTICIPATED, FULL-LENGTH ALBUM DEBUT, "House of Rats" (slated for release JULY 21st!). Also long awaited are tour dates covering more cities than ever before. Modern Day Escape is prepared to continue to take the world by storm!

If you're looking for the story of how this this band started, or where it all came from...feel free to ask the guys.

Check Out Modern Day Escape:

* Cover boy James Vegas on AMP Magazine's "21 Young Guns Salute (21 Bands that will OWN in 2009)" with featured track "Girls Like You" included on the AMP Compilation of "21 bands that will OWN in 2009".

* Modern Day Escape's debut music video "March of the Dead" .

* "Parley" track feature on LBM magazine's "LBM Music Compilation Vol. 3 (Fall Edition)"
^- A CD distributed through all Hot Topic stores, also featuring bands such as Mayday Parade, Sing It Loud and Motion City Soundtrack.

* Music features on MTV's "Real World / Road Rules Challenge", E!'s "Meet the Cardasians", and Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club".

* Video features and interviews with Hot Topic's "Local Static".

* An acclaimed rave review from Kyle Parsons and Redefine Magazine.

* A Television spot on Central Florida's "The Edge".

* Television EPK features on Fuse and MTV2.

* Radio Interviews & features with Florida rock stations such as 101.1 WJRR.

* A reputable feature on AMP Magazine's "AMP Says!"

* An upcoming EXCLUSIVE band feature in Vanity Magazine.

* Part of the Malus Clothing Family.


"We’re extremely excited to be with Standby Records. We’ve been writing constantly and have had a lot of plans for what we wanted to do as a band. Standby Records gives us the opportunity to fulfill those plans and push everything to the max." - James Vegas
Standby Records & Warm Fuzzy Publicity press release, April 28th 2009



Written By: Modern Day Escape

So fire at will
give me one last chance to make it through
it's sink or swim, we're at the end
I can see for miles over the ocean
The castle walls are burning down
We've got to find our way out
So shed some blood and sink some ships
take all their gold, let us fight with them
we'll walk the plank, it seems like miles
Hear the cannons blow
it's sink or swim, we're at the end
I can see for miles over the ocean
The castle walls are burning down
We've got to find our way out
i've got to find a way I've got to find a way
it's sink or swim, we're at the end
I can see for miles over the ocean
The castle walls are burning down
We've got to find our way out
it's sink or swim, we're at the end
the captain's going to sink the ship


Modern Day Escape: Demo '07 ( distro)

Modern Day Escape: Self Titled EP '08 ( & Hot Topic distro)

Modern Day Escape: House of Rats '09 (Standby Records, Sony/Victory/Red worldwide distro)

Set List

All original material
20-45 mins
5-8 songs

1. Corpses' Masquerade
2. Maybe Holding Hands Wasn't Such a Good Idea
3. One Way To Kill a Werewolf
4. Let's Get Sweaty
5. For the Horde
6 House of Rats
7. Beauty Killed the Beast
8. Parley