Modern Explorations

Modern Explorations


Modern Explorations is an Experimental/Progressive band from Corpus Christi, TX who draw from an extremely wide variety of musical influences and have banded together to collaboratively create an experience of the melding of four minds into one music-making-meta-entity.

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Desert Action

Written By: Modern Explorations

I saw her dress, on your bed
now I'm sifting through emotions I've never had
and it hurts worse, to hear those words
baby, I'm gonna leave you, for her

And we're so quick, to forget
all the shit we never did
And I know that, we are one
and all of this, has just begun

and even if, the sky doesn't agree
we'll find a way, to be okay

do you, remember this?
do you, remember this?

All this time we spent on this
we couldn't find eternal bliss
just me and you
just me and you

The Universe, doesn't want you to succeed
It wants me
The universe doesn't want you to survive.


Desert Action (Single)