modern girlfriends

modern girlfriends


Modern Girlfriends is River Jones


Modern Girlfriends is River Jones who writes, plays all of the instruments and produces the music himself. He made this album in a bedroom, and in hotel rooms around the world while touring. Everything you hear on this album was recorded lo-fi, he only used one microphone for the entire record (that's all he could fit in the suitcase). "I Fell In Love With A Cutter" was recorded in Japan. "Ugly Since Birth" was recorded in Phoenix, and "Reality Has Everything That You Need" was recorded on an airplane to America from Europe. River has friends that he loves and adores. Katy Rose , Madelyn Bullard, Libby Clarke, and many more make an appearance in a revolving door of back up singers and co-writers.


MGs l - 2005
MGs ll - 2007
MGs lll - March 2008

Set List

30 - 45 Minutes (Full Band)

20 - 35 Miutes (Acoustic set)