Modern Joy

Modern Joy


Music that you can dance to, rock out to, and chill to, all rolled into one fun-loving outfit that loves to party with anyone who's not too old to have a good time!


"Mixing up electro sounds and 80's synths with their own brand of infectious indie art-rock, this collaboration between childhood friends and brothers make up Modern Joy. The band have come a long way since first playing together six or more years ago, maturing through three incarnations while honing their sound.

Formerly known as The Oskars, The band is gaining renown for their engaging live shows where dancing erupts constantly. The trend continues here with their performances becoming even more frenetic and fun. Cutting a swathe through genres and musical stylings, the boys bring together their influences in a mash-up of well-crafted pop hooks, clever songwriting and a rocking, energetic, instrument swapping live performance.

The band has played an innumerable amount of shows in the past few years, garnering praise and friendships from local industry members, other bands, and their dance-loving fans. The band is dedicated to making each show better than the last, not just musically, but visually as well.

The band have supported such artists as Kisschasy, Faker, Antiskeptic, Something With Numbers, Braxton, The Scare, The Midnight Youth (NZ), Kid Courageous and local lads Angela’s Dish.

In early 2008 alone, the band have been invited to play 3 festivals, including the Parachute Festival in New Zealand, and Easterfest 08 in Toowoomba, playing alongside international artists such as Switchfoot, Jars Of Clay, Newsboys and Jonezetta.

Their debut record "Make Believe" is set to be released in early 2008.

Our influences are quite diverse: XTC, Interpol, Television, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, The Police, The Shins, Jimmy Eat World, and many more!


Mr Narrow

Written By: Byron Knight, Cameron Knight

Mr narrow hides his pride, he hides his arrows from his bride, he doesn’t like to argue with the girl. And fake is written on her face, she loves the game she loves the taste, for everyone else its living hell.

I wont let you go in the freezing snow.
We’re painting arrows for mr narrow, she looks so ripe but she tastes no good.

And who’s that hiding up the stairs? I know you’re there but I don’t care and I can’t seem to see your point of view. And one day son you will be a man, so be a man, I know you can, just don’t let the ladies make the moves.

Wait there, love you have no right to know, when we leave you won’t know where we go, oh let’s go and win these arrows back, please I’m gonna win these arrows.


Mr Narrow (Single)
Make Believe (Album - pending release)

Set List

Disco Shoes, Big Blue Ship, Got Shoes, My Girlfriend Left Me For The Army, Make Believe, You Spin Me Round (cover), Mr Narrow.

Set time averages 30 mins. We have a large repertoire so our set times can be expanded to fit anything