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Modern Man

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2006-Modern Problems EP (8 tracks,4 skits)
2009-The Last Mixtape In The World -Vol.1 (free promo cd,19 tracks)
2009-Higher Love Ft. Feddi Man & Dj Protege(single)
2009-Swingin It (single) airplay 88.7 KAZI-Austin
2009-Feel It (single) airplay 88.7 KAZI-Austin



Sounds clash. Drums collide with guitar strings while a soft spoken violin tearfully begs to be heard. Poetry erupts from the speakers and paints a picture so colorfully explosive Jackson Pollock would piss his pants. The melody sounds so familiar you want to hum along, but dont fully know what comes next..this is Modern Man??

In this fast paced world where everything has been done, recycled, filtered and done again, comes a modern approach to an old idea: Making music that is relevant, emotional, and entertaining at the same time. Born of the belief that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and ones potential is determined by both the good and bad parts of that individual; Modern Man dares to make music that pushes the furthest edges of the urban musical landscape. Crossing terrain known and unknown, theirs is a shared journey of familial relationships, unrequited love, questioned authority, and hope for a new day. Bridgeing the time honored messages of our forefathers with values and ideas of an everchanging society, this Austin based rap duo shows what the evolution of hip hop music could and should, if not will be.

Introduced in highschool, Dj P.A.N.D.A. (Positive And Negative Determine Abilities) and C.A.I.R.O (Cause and Ill-effects Regulate Ourlives) met through the local bboy scene and enjoyed lively discussions on music, movies, and comic books. Individually pursuing separate musical projects, they lost touch for a couple of years before fatefully running into each other again at an electronics store where Cairo proceeded to talk Panda's ear off over whack emcees and pop music. Growing in both friendship and musical tastes, they decided too combine styles and see what would come of the curious meshing. After spending a year producing individual tracks, and performing with a live band under the moniker “Modern Acoustics”, they decided to go back into the studio and regain focus on their core group. The result is the Modern Problems EP . A rag tag mash up of gritty drums, melodic flutes, prophetic lyrics, and block party energy. Produced by Pandavinci (formerly known as Dj Panda) and co-written by Cairo, this premiere effort heralds a future where the music is not limited to what’s popular, but what’s needed.