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Modern Man is Ultra Quick @ The Blank Club

San Jose, California, USA

San Jose, California, USA

Modern Man is Ultra Quick @ Hemlock Tavern

San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco, California, USA

Modern Man is Ultra Quick @ The Blue Lamp

Sacramento, California, USA

Sacramento, California, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



The cliché about Modern Man is Ultra Quick is that he is a musical chameleon, adapting himself according to fashion and trends. But such a criticism is too glib, there's no denying that MMiUQ demonstrates remarkable skill for perceiving musical trends - and avoiding them. Bands usually seek to do one of two things: define their genre, or defy their genre. After spending any amount of time assaulting your senses with MMiUQ - it will be clear which camp he falls into. Reviewed by M. Blaine 2007 - WebZine

"Up to his creative forays again. The latest releases from Andrew Johnson showcase his disdain for modern society's willingness to accept whatever is spoon fed to them; whether it be today's most downloaded "EMO" track or the latest copy of People Magazine, featuring a shallow story of some young celeb's battle with anorexia. The music walks alongside the writer's principle motivation in it's creation. Aptly put- "MMiUQ demonstrates remarkable skill for perceiving musical trends - and avoiding them". After just a few listens, you'll most likely come to the same conclusions as I about it's irreverence towards pop culture's acceptance of mainstream media. Refreshing yet uncomfortable.... exactly as it was meant to be. Justin Wright (Intangible) 2007 for

- MySpace

"MySpace Or Your Place is just a genius title, and I haven't heard rock n roll done quite this scuzzy and dirty for ages! It's refreshing to say the least." The Clauberg Opera - 1/2007

"Good luck on your quest for world domination, from the ashes a new phoenix of unquestionable depravity in good taste is born!" Shiptu Shaboo/Austrailia 1/2007

"Cool powerful sound!" Luciano De Franco/Italy 1/2007 - MMiUQ


DJ Paedofile - The Kids Are Alright (12") Trash Records 1999
DJ Paedofile - The Kids Are Alright (CD, EP) Trash Records 1999
Skip Found Teli - 2 Lamp Luminaire EP (12") Scandinavia Records 1999
Skip Found Teli - Hot New Herbal Breakthrough (12") Zod 2004
Transilience - Mouthful of Buildings (CD) re-released Hi-Hat Records 2005
MMiUQ - Fabulist (CD) DIY Music 5/2007

Skip Found Teli - Jed EP (CD) Jed Hed (Skip Found Teli) Eupholus Records 2003
MMiUQ - Shaua Remixed (iTunes Exclusive release) (CD) Shauna (MMiUQ) Spookey Rueben/Hi-Hat Records Summer 2007

Skip Found Teli - It's Fan-Dabi-Dozi! (2xLP) Panty Boiler V/Vm Test Records 2003
DJ Paedofile - Where The Fuck Is Mr. Million? (2xLP) The World Is Coming To An Endies Trash Records
DJ Paedofile - Modulation & Transformation 4 (3xCD) Bitch My Smack Up - Mille Plateaux 1999
DJ Paedofile - Zod Mix.02 (CD) Trash EP1 Zod 2002
DJ Paedofile - Return Of The Fight Club (12") Cherrypoppingroofiesforjah - Tigerbeat6 2003
DJ Paedofile - Knifehandchop vs. DJ Aneurysm - Shotgun Wedding Volume Two / Evil Doppelganger (CD) Cherrypoppingroofiesforjah - Violent Turd 2004
T.E.M.P. - Il Programma Di Religione (CD) St. Eutychian (275-283) Boyarm, Slight Record 2003
T.E.M.P. - Pre-set Volume 1 (CD), Mute Records 2003

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LANDOR - The Landor Dream of Tus Arsten - 2002
AIGA - SFMOMA Artist Lecture Series - 2004
STOP the movie - Catalina Filmworks/BT Productions - 2005



Andy Johnson (founder and songwriter - MMiUQ) started listening to black metal when he was 12, shortly after being introduced to the devil by Rush, AC/DC and Black Sabbath. By age 14 he'd extended his listening tastes to punk rock, skate rock and Bela Bartok (a modern classical composer).
His formative 16-21 years, definitely, found Johnson in 'art rock/math rock dork land' in addition to lending his ears to things like the chanting of Gyuto Monks, the Bulgarian Women's Choir, and the instruments of Harry Partch and Diamanda Galas.
He's played the bass guitar since he was 11, played in several bands/types of bands, toured the US and Europe and in 1997 discovered his need to produce electronic music - which he's been doing, releasing records for several years in addition to the occasional film score.
Thank goodness Johnson's no longer playing the desk and pen holder on a daily basis, (you never heard anything so god damn annoying). Somewhere in the midst of his musical education he graduated with honors from Berklee, had an epiphany that Roy Orbison was enlightened and Hank Williams Sr. wrote every song that ever needs to be written about love, loss and drinking.

Modern Man is Ultra Quick calls on Johnson's fresh musical and lyrical ideas changing the way our world's auditory landscape is heard.