Moderno Trio

Moderno Trio


Pushing the boundaries of music by blending new sounds + unexpected genres to experience the wild and crazy muse that is life!


Pushing the boundaries of music by blending new sounds + unexpected genres to experience the wild and crazy muse that is life! The Moderno Trio is the progressive step in the lives of the much celebrated Basso Moderno Duo with the addition of drummer James Wesley Edwards.

Dr. Allan Von Schenkel & Kristen Williams heavily impacted contemporary music by working with many of the best living composers. The new sound blends 80's New Wave & Modern Music!


Soukous Fire

Written By: Moderno Trio

Soukous Fire was inspired by listening to Death Cab for Cutie all summer. We were trying to capture the youthfulness of Death Cab but we set it with a dramatic Ravel piano sound. James is a big African Soukous fan so we took the driving rhythms along with a Tower of Power influenced bass line to create a moving work! Soukous Fire!!


Written By: Moderno Trio

'Maria' found its inspiration from several places. In 2005 we commissioned Russian composer Roman Ledeniev to compose us a new piece entitled Ave Maria. We performed this piece many times in the US and Europe. It has very beautiful harmonic changes. Recently, we began improvising on the harmonies rather than the composed piece.

From our youth, each of us found the drum part to Paul Simon's '50 Ways to Leave Your Lover' to be really unique and inspiring. The crisp snare sound married perfectly with the new 'Maria' improvisation we developed.

Lastly wanted to include a piece that featured a classic Acoustic Bass Pizz solo. Finally we put all of the pieces together ... and 'Maria' was carved in stone. We hope you enjoy listening!


Written By: Moderno Trio

When composing 'Head' we were inspired by 'Vallee d'Obermann by Franz Liszt. Our piece embellishes and intensifies the chromatic nature of a few select passages. Secondly, we borrowed elements from 'You' by Radiohead. The result is far from what Liszt or Radiohead imagined!!

Bleeding Leaves

Written By: Schenkel, Moderno Trio

Bleeding Leaves on the grass
where did you come from?
It doesn't matter if your up or down
the moon can make sounds.

Armies of the Earth stand facing me,
facing me yet silent
Here we are with the mist all around
the moon rushing down.

He Loved The Soft Porn Of The City

At Midnight

Written By: Schenkel, Moderno Trio

At Midnight in the month of June
I stand beneath a mystic moon.

Oh Lady Bright, can it be right.
The window open to the night?

Phrases from 'The Sleeper' by
Edgar Allan Poe


Live @ The Linda
Surreal Existence
He Loved The Soft Porn Of The City (In Process)

Set List

He Loved the Soft Porn of the City
What Am I Doing Here
You Are Lust
Dream Within A Dream
Soukous Fire
My Love
Bleeding Leaves
Head Recap