Modern Sands

Modern Sands


Modern Sands are classic and forward thinking. Pop and noise. Raw energy and bliss. They're a four-piece band creating songs and sounds that push the boundaries of pop conventions and enter new sonic territories. These young men are hungry, prolific, and ready to go.


Modern Sands are a four-piece band formed in the Greater Toronto Area (with members hailing from Etobicoke, Brampton, and Mississauga) in 2010. The band’s lineup consists of Francis Domingo (drums), Hilario Gilbuena (bass and vocals), Daniel Bartholomew (guitars and pedals), and Gregory David (guitars, vocals, and loops). The band’s sound is an amalgamation of noise, pop, shoegaze and psychedelia, which has been cultivated by the use of alternate tunings, fuzz, reverb, delay, and textural loops, that is often compared to Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Deerhunter and No Age. It is not Modern Sands’ intention, however, to directly emulate their immediate influences, but it is their aim to keep these sounds alive and breathing by always pushing them forward into sonic territories yet to be discovered.

Modern Sands developed out of the teenage desire of cousins Gregory David and Francis Domingo to start a band, write original songs, and to stop covering acts such as the Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine. Through their mutual desire to expand their musical horizons and create unique sounds, the chinky-eyed relatives began to improve as musicians and slowly found like-minded individuals to round out their raw sound.

Daniel Bartholomew, a drummer turned guitarist, was a high school friend of Gregory’s. They began to hang out on a weekly basis post-graduation and jammed for the hell of it. When Gregory eventually told Francis about Daniel’s brilliant use of a multi-effects pedal and the chemistry they shared, Francis came by the basement and the trio immediately wrote a song. From there, the three of them formed The Dirty Black Hands, banged out track after track, and played three shows in Toronto. They soon began to notice that their sound was missing a key ingredient and often sounded too empty to continue on as a three-piece.

Enter Hilario Gilbuena, a high school friend of Daniel and his brother Andre, who played guitar and often jammed out tracks with the band. Hilario’s similar musical influences and his ability to quickly learn and subsequently add new dimensions and depth to songs made the transition from friend to band member smooth and natural. As they began to develop a different sound and identity, the band grew out of The Dirty Black Hands moniker and naturally became Modern Sands.

With a line up now solidified and a sound continually progressing, Modern Sands are eager to showcase their unique blend of raw energy and blissful noise.



Written By: Gregory David

I've seen your smile runaway.
Waiting for the night to turn to day.
Throw away your canvas and your paint.
Fall in line,
But who am I to say.


Written By: Gregory David and Francis Domingo

It happened on the same day,
Another lazy one,
Under the blazing sun,
Wait for night.

And now we're bound to lose our heads,
Coasting on the freeway,
I'll bring the medicine,
Feel alright!

We got no money in our hands,
That don't mean anything,
Fuck what the weather brings,
Sun or the heavy rain.

We'll bring our castles to the sand,
Diving in the ocean,
Toxic for potion,
Stay all night!

Hot leather seats,
Fall asleep,
Day dream.

Pistol Burn

Written By: Gregory David

You're beginning to recognize,
That forever ends in time,
Still feeling the pistol burn,
Contemplating lessons learned.

It began at the best of times,
In denial it slips your mind,
When will you realize,
That forever is just a lie?

How did we get so far,
So deep and the shore is miles away,
Somebody save me!

You're starting to realize,
That forever ends in time,
Still feeling a little hurt,
Contemplating lessons learned.

It began at a distant time,
Once was good but now so blind,
When did you realize,
That forever is just a lie?

How did we get so far,
So deep and the shore is miles away,
Somebody save me!


Modern Sands EP (Released on March 23rd, 2013)

Set List

Pistol Burn
Loop 13