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Modes of Transport

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Melted Faces, Empty Spaces, & Sketchy Places"


Then we were off to Lee’s Palace with quickness and haste. We probably should have took it as a sign when a rolling tumbleweed passed us as we approached the venue. As we turned into the bar we could hear the band was already playing -- just in time! We rushed in to realize that Lee’s can be a pretty barren place when there are only about 20 people in the bar.

Being in a place that empty makes for a weird vibe; it seemed like every time Jenny took a picture people were watching her, and that the dozen or so fans of Modes of Transport ( ) were wondering who the hell we were. I did like what I saw from the band though; Brennan Heath seemed to have a great time on stage and was very confident when it came time for his vocals. Personally, I was a sucker for the cover of “Mad World” from the Donnie Darko movie and that Gears of War video game commercial a few years back (and Tears For Fears, even more years back). Nice touch!

Robert Cole is a sometimes vocalist, guitar player, and keyboardist to the band. He did not seem nearly as sure of himself as did Brennan, something we maybe wouldn’t have picked up on if the room was packed. At one point they brought up a female guest vocalist and it was probably the song of the night. It’s my objective opinion that this band, with the addition of a singer like this, would be worth keeping an eye on. As it was, they had a sound that was really excellent for the room and it’s a shame nobody was around to hear it. Trust me, this isn’t a criticism of Modes of Transport… the headlining band brought nobody out and didn’t even provide support during their set. It was a weird, cold vibe, but not as cold as the walk back to Sneaky Dee’s.

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The Third Tuesday [Acoustic Sessions] E.P.
Released January 29, 2008 via iTunes.

Currently working on first electronic album with expected release in mid 2008... the band has a revolving selection of songs / demos available on our MySpace page:



trans·port /v. trænsp?rt, -po?rt; n. trænsp?rt, -po?rt /
Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[v. trans-pawrt, -pohrt; n. trans-pawrt, -pohrt ] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation -verb (used with object)

1. to carry, move, or convey from one place to another.
2. to carry by strong emotion; enrapture
3. modes of transport-

Jackie Wortman - Vocals
Rob Cole - guitar, keyboards, vocals, programming
Brennan Heath- vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming

carefully crafted audio works by Rob Cole, Brennan Heath and Jackie Wortman. programmed using the help of k.a.r.l, (Komputer Automated Robot Liaison) , modes of transport use digital music technologies to layer sound. by embracing the technological potential of ProTools units, modes of transport looks to incorporate 21st century technology in crafted sonic works.

formed in 2001 after the dissolution of prior project c(X), modes of transport was a creative step in a new direction for both Rob and Brennan. Rob and Brennan have been longtime childhood friends, having grown up on the mean streets of Chatham, Ontario. meeting in public school, music has long been an outlet for both members, and was the source of a budding friendship. Jackie was added to the fold earlier this year. After meeting over two years ago, Brennan and Jackie have developed a strong relationship together, and when not recording or playing music, you can often find Jackie and Brennan around various shows in the city.

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