Modest Midget

Modest Midget

 Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

"...the missing link between The Beatles and Frank Zappa!". Arno Hagemans, Music Maker (NL)
As rough as Paul Simon, as commercial as Ingmar Bergman and as sophisticated as Justin Bieber!.


Imagine trying to create a salad based on pickles, olives, chocolate, honey, hummus, jam and feta cheese. This is exactly what Lonny and is gang are doing with their music. Different styles and genres of music meet each other under one roof, offering a repertoire of pure fun, and serious at the same time.

This band is on a mission; to freshen up the music industry, and to bring their audiences both friendly & attractive tunes as well as complex compositions and arrangements. A shake that this milk has needed for years.

The Great Prophecy of a Small Man the debut album that Lonny produced and published in 2010 has received unanimous enthusiastic reviews from dozens of music magazines around the world, including among others Music Maker, Revolver (Lust For Life) & Oor Magazine the most prominent music magazine in the Netherlands. Several publications nominated it as one of their top 10 albums of the year, some went as far as calling it the best debut of 2010.

Crysis is the name of the new album the band is now working on. An album which dares to be yet more excentric and extreme in its diversity, created under the pains of personal life-happenings as well as band changes in a world that is facing grave historical challenges.

The album is about the nature of the life span, the end and the start of a new chapter, the pains and the great joys that take place, and the hope for a new and better future in the life of an individual, and of mankind in general. Lonny created the concept, writing and composing the complete album within a period of 2,5 months, then recording and refining it in the following months.


Rocky Valleys of Dawn

Written By: Lonny Ziblat

Rays of light are shining through
The world is smiling bright
And waiting just for you
Raise your eyes and look up high
The air is fresh and cool
It’s no more time to hide

Learn to make a sound, to walk the ground, and just to hang around
Learn to feel the earth, to smell the grass, and hug a lady gown

Race yourself right through
Your dreams and goals my friend
Chase them straight to the end
Face your hopes and fears
And learn to love them too
They will be there for you

Learn to make a life, to fight and strive, and build your own sweet hive
Learn to taste the wine, to cook and dine, and make your bed on time

Learn to see your fellow man
To hear and understand
And maybe give a hand
Learn to see the love
Enjoy “the making of”
And cherish all you have

Find the beauty in whatever grim confronts you from within
Rocky as it is, still in the end this is your path my friend

The Last Straw

Written By: Lonny Ziblat

Somewhere inside
Somewhere inside me
Lying around are the words I seek

Watch while I think
Think while you're watching
Holding my thoughts I will try to speak

Oh! Wasn't it funny?
What you can do with one small word?
Oh! Wasn't it painful?
This was the last straw I could afford

One summer day
One summer morning
I was still yawning when you called

You had my note
What could you answer?
Yes, I was listening but
You said no.

Oh! What can I tell you?
What a nice story I provoked
Oh my! She should have been here
We could be laughing at this joke.

Oh man! Sharpen your arrows
Load all your guns and tie the rope
Hang me! Burn me and shoot me
This is too much for me to cope

Everybody look around
Check out what's there to be found
Don't lose your chance.

Everybody make a wish
Everybody smile before
I say goodbye to you


2008 - ' Partial Exposure ' - promotional EP

2010 - ' The Great Prophecy of a Small Man '

2013 - ' Crysis ' (currently in production)

Set List

Contemporary Ache
Troubles In Heaven
Coffee From Yesterday
Here I Go
Pretty Woman
How Far Is Leiden
The Last Straw
Now That We're Here
Buy Me
I Came I Saw I Left

Troubles In Heaven
Pretty Woman