Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Faux drummer Glenn met politically conscious guitarist Blake. They found bassist Stephen, an expert in the sounds of Manchester. As Modicity, they are rhythmically propulsive and lyrically succinct. Ideas trump nostalgic myth, and, under the right circumstances, Modicity's songs could be danceable.


The first sound to hit your ears is the bass. It is fluid, dynamic, never stagnant. The supple playing surprisingly contributes the bulk of the melody to Modicity's songs. Next comes the drums, which are the band's conscience. They are aggressive and driving, a mix of underground rock and r&b. Suddenly, the guitar enters. It is astringent and unsettling; it occasionally resembles the sound of shattered glass. The flat and dispassionate vocals drift in and out of the din, offering you no melodic anchor. But there is joy in the music and in the rhetorical slaughtering of Canadian icons.


Diachronicity - EP

Set List

1) 25 Days in Nicaragua
2) Pity Industry
3) National Security Threat
4) Ponce
5) No More Correspondence
6) Milquetoast Consensus
8) Returns on Investment
9) State vs Nation
9) Exurbanites Incite
11) Your Country's New Order