"post rock elements with pop rock elements allows a descriptor like progressive to be significantly more acceptable when used for Modico. They are progressive, pushing forward a style of music that beforehand was inaccessible to most of the population." - Andrew Johnstone,


After moving the entire band from Texas to their new Oklahoma location, the indie quartet Modico are set to release their debut full length album Axe at My Feet. Maintaining a tightness non-exclusive to their music, as they all share one house, Modico aim to combat the hopelessness common throughout the world today. Combining their ambitious motivations with their unique blend of indie pop, Modico have grown dramatically since their 2003 formation, with plans to exhibit their newest tracks on both their upcoming debut album and tours to come.


Apocalypse (A Picture Perfect Ending)

Written By: Modico

Too much to lose
How long will I
stand silently behind?
I don't want to see
failed possibilities

Can I count on you?
To see this through?
When there's time enough to spend
on a world thats coming to an end

This is not the overture
whats done is not done
Its all a prelude of whats to come
"oh well, at least we've got our words. So lets put them to use and we'll change the world"
Oh, please my brothers. Don't play the fool
Words are barely even useful tools!
Its all dreams of dreams!
Waking up requires will
Your fantasies are beautiful, yet unfulfilled

Can I count on you?
To see this through?
When there's time enough to spend
on a world thats coming to an end


Axe At My Feet - (recorded and mixed -unreleased)
1. Ah, Establish
2. Apocalypse (A Picture Perfect Ending)
3. Hills
4. Metaphysical
5. Harry Houdini
6. Sursum Corda
7. Untitled
8. Waves
9. Hopeoverhate
10. Deluge
11. From The Door To The Floor
12. Dead Decoy Days
13. Dirty Cameras

Modico EP - June 2006
1. Hills
2. Sursum Corda
3. Dead Decoy Days
4. Hopeoverhate
5. The Life Engine
6. Perelandra

*Sursum Corda gets radio play at 15-20 stations nationally*

The Life Engine EP - June 2004
1. Beneath The Clouds
2. Heartbeat
3. Vertigo
4. Winding Stairs

*Heartbeat receives airplay on stations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Washington D.C.*

The Basement Sessions - January 2004
1. Free
2. Strong
3. Vertigo
4. Beneath The Clouds

Set List

A typical Modico set is between 40 - 90 minutes depending upon the venue.

Below is a recent set list:

Ah, Establish
Sursum Corda
Apocalypse (A Picture Perfect Ending)
Harry Houdini
From The Door To The Floor
Dirty Cameras

Other songs performed live:
Pictures On The Wall
Dead Decoy Days
The Cricket And The Bird
Reign of Dust
The Life Engine
Beneath The Clouds
Chapter II
Winding Stairs