Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
BandHip HopPop


MOD SUN stands for "Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None". First artist in the history of music with no fans, just FRIENDS. Nominated to be the first unsigned artist on the cover of Rolling Stone (vote now at > Creator of a movement & genre known as "Hippy Hop". My most well known quote is, "No matter the amount of negativity you've been presented with, 5 minutes from now could be the greatest moment of your life". Completely independent...NO label, NO management, NO promo/marketing team. I've dedicate my life to POSITIVITY. I do this to inspire the next to be even better than myself. Also a marijuana activist.


"In MOD We Trust" EP (2011)
"Health, Wealth, Success, & Happiness" FREE mixtape (2011)
"The Hippy Hop EP" EP (2010)
"How To Make A MOD SUN" FREE mixtape (2010)
"Let Ya Teeth Show" FREE mixtape (2009)
"I'll Buy Myself" FREE album (2009)

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