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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Modulo rocks"

"After hearing Modulo, they are my second favorite band to nickelback!" - jake doolan peer review


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Recieving weekly plays on WUML 91.5



Modulo stems from three friends who have jammed together since high school, learned their instrements together, worked, played and grown together. Some grew tall, some not as tall....that really doesnt matter. The forth and final piece was located in the capable hands of drum miestro Anthony Funaro who was found after he was heard whistleing an intricate triplet pattern while tapping his toe in four at a local taco bell. The 4 hit it off, drank a couple beers and realized after meditating on metatrons cube that they could take over the musical world.

Modulo was then raised with lit candles and a flickering strobe light in practice rooms in lowell, Ma with the hopes that they could contain the beast they had summoned inside the tribal polyrhythems, sonic guitar assults, and heavy bottom feeding basslines that hold things together.

The power banished into these songs is only truly unleashed in the live show, where using measured set positions (according to properties of physics and sacred geometry) the auidences energy is used to catapult the sonic experience to new levels.

We have the technology....we'll see what happens.
it can only go somewhere from here...