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"Modus's Methods Provide Musical Mix"

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- The Verve


KRFC-Live at Lunch-Modus

EP- "Modus"



"Modus, a band with a funky sound, and smell." These words were bylined in The New Yorker after the band's 1969 European tour, and they couldn't be more true. Since the band members first met in 1963 at an international four-square convention, their musical creations have come to the forefront of the funk and avant guarde musical arenas of Fort Collins; wooing crowds with their expansive diversity, their disregard for convention, and their penchant toward absurdity. Dissonant, staccatto riffs are relieved by smooth and jazzy melodies to make listening a truely unique experience. In this way, Modus capitalizes on the idea of contrast; letting the instruments and parts of a song interact in unexpected ways to create an impressively different sound. In this way, the band is highly experimental, unafraid to break the stifling boundries set by many popular musical styles. Regardless of it's experimental roots, however, Modus always falls back on a solid base of melody and rhythm; keeping the crowd moving with its fast syncopation, and complex harmonic endeavors.

A complete listing of shows is provided below. Significant shows include playing at Hodi's Half Note w/ Dubconscious, and Green Lemon.

01/17/2006 - Cheba Hut
01/21/2006 - CB and Potts w/ Porcelain Hand Jive
01/26/2006 - Cheba Hut
02/04/2006 - Union Station w/ The Skyvies and Porcelain Hand Jive
02/11/2006 - Cheba Hut
02/25/2006 - CB and Potts Clubhouse w/ Porcelain Hand Jive
03/17/2006 - George's Union Station w/ Porcelain Hand Jive
03/25/2006 - D-Note w/ Sawtooth
04/06/2006 – Marijuana Rally Initiative at Cheba Hut
04/08/2006 - C.B. and Potts Clubhouse w/ Vitamins and Porcelain Hand Jive
04/15/2006 – Fundraiser at Kappa Delta House to prevent child abuse
04/28/2006 - Corbett Hall w/ Roe, Code to Zero and Henry Howard
05/06/2006 - Marijuana Liberation Day Festival at Acacia Park
05/08/2006 – Battle of the Bands at the Union Station
05/25/2006 – Battle of the Bands at the Union Station
07/01/2006 - Mishawaka w/ 12 Cents for Marvin, P-Knuckle and others
07/08/2006 - Everyday Joe's Coffee House
08/24/2006 - CB and Potts
09/02/2006 - Road 34 w/ Peace Officer
10/08/2006 - Race for the Cure
10/14/2006 – Environmental Health Fund raiser at Avogadro's Number
10/15/2006 - Aggie Theater w/ Roe and others
10/31/2006 - Road 34 w/ Wasabi
11/01/2006 - Chippers Lanes w/ East is West
12/02/2006 - Mishawaka Amphitheatre w/ Peace Officer
02/05/2007 - Corbett Hall w/ The Last Call
02/17/2007 - Avogadro's Number
03/20/2007 - 88.9 KRFC "Live@Lunch"
04/21/2007 - Avogadro's Number
05/05/2007 - Marijana March at Acacia Park i
07/11/2007 – Hodi’s Half Note w/ Dubconscious
07/18/2007 – Hodi’s Half Note w/ Green Lemon
08/30/2007 - Botanic Gardens
09/11/2007 - Hodi's Half Note
10/05/2007 - Road 34
10/11/2007 - Avogadro’s Number
10/17/2007 - CSU Plaza
10/21/2007 – Avogadro’s Number
11/29/2007 - Avogadro’s Number
11/30/2007 - CSU’s Battle of the Bands at the Lory Student Center
12/07/2007 - Hodi’s Half Note w/ 3 Peas