Moedog Darling

Moedog Darling

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Moedog Darling is a singer/songwriter from California. She writes everything from catchy pop tunes, to slow ballads, to torrid songs of contempt, each showcasing her emotional yet strong voice. An excellent performer, she knows how to work a crowd.


Moedog Darling has been writing songs since in her early teens. Her songwriting is strong, with catchy melodies, yet intricate changes to keep the listener interested. Influences include Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, and many others.


The newest album entitled "I'm the Queen, You're the Pauper" is now available on itunes.

"Parlour Flattery" was released in 2005. It's also available on itunes.

Set List

Typical sets run 30 to 45 minutes. Usually this includes 6-10 original songs and one cover.

Typical Set List:

Moving Calls
Magic Number
Road to you
In my hands, he'll break
The Countdown
Girls, put on your makeup
Heaven bleeds down
He'll find his way
(and then I usually end with a cover)