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Aviator's music features clever and intelligent lyrics layered over infectious and innovative beats.


Aviator, a Boston-based hip-hop artist, combines thoughtful wordplay over indie/electronic beats. He began making music in his hometown of Red Hook, NY, along with his younger brother InfinitiRock, who produces his beats.

Currently Aviator is based in New York City and signed to Base Trip Records. His lyrics range from quirky and humorous to raw and insightful and combined with his brother's beats are a refreshing sound in the hip-hop scene.


Thank You, Come Again
1. Tell Me Why
2. Get You Put On
3. Timeless
4. They Ain't Right
5. Jai Flow
6. Bring Nick Back
7. Write On
8. Fist Pumpa
9. Blowup
10. Baby Formula
11. Number one for Life
12. Mad Men
13. Put Your Shirt Back On, Girl
14. Affirmation
15. Swishersweet Symphony