Moe' Tre

Moe' Tre

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Moe' Tre embodies the energy of the streets while focusing on releasing his audiences frustrations through vivid tales and wordplay.


Raised in the mean streets of Chicago’s South Side projects, Moé Tre turned to music as an escape from the life of gangs and drugs. He became a member of a singing group called “Reality” (later renamed Subway on BIUIO records).

While the group went on to enjoy moderate success, the politics of the music business soon left Tre unsigned. “I moved to Cincy after the disappointment of the situation.” In ’96, Moé Tre started rapping and quickly became the Tri-State’s most favored MC. After winning the nationally known Black Family Reunion Talent Show four years in a row, Tre started doing shows throughout the US and has shared the stage with acts such as Twista, Bone Crusher, the Youngbloodz, and many more.

Moé Tre was voted ‘Best Stage Show Presence’ in Cincinnati, OH for 2002 and 2003. He consistently rocks crowds of over 1000 people and has received the sponsorship of New York based clothing company Mad Soul. Tre’s under-ground mix tape (D.B.C. Minority) sold over 15,000 copies in Cincinnati, Atlanta, New York and New Jersey.

Moé Tre has also been featured in BET’s ‘Freestyle Friday’ competition where he was the champion from December 2003 through January 2004. He returned to Cincinnati to focus on his studio recording. His latest release, ‘6 Mics’, is now enjoying local success.

Because of this and the bright future ahead of him, Thin Ice Entertainment proudly presents: Moé Tre.


6 Mics - CD release 11/03
singles - 'Big Spender Remix' & 'Gone' - WIZF
Built For This - 12/04

Set List

The Champ
Kick Rockz
What's That Sound
Awh Who Wat

Tre generally performs one set per night covering 15-20 minutes.