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"Lost & Found"

Straight out of Seattle this four piece band brings you some melodic funk that you can sink your teeth into. With tracks that definitely lay down some nice grooves this band has a strong technical backing. True to their words, the vibrations do get you moving around and I'm certain that these cats are a pleasure to see live. With a rock/funk type movement anyone with legs will be dancing on first listen straight on through the EP. Though I only had the opportunity to check out but 3 tracks, I'm certain they offer quite a punch on all of their offerings. Check out the site and get in on the Mofius groove.
- (Sept 2005)

"Mofius-Self Titled"

Mofius, a fairly new funk and soul band from Seattle, is releasing its self-titled first album. They dropped off an advance copy at the office and we really like it. The first song on the CD, The Cheat, makes us all do the Funky Butt. The whole album is full of catchy tunes and big hooks. Plus the vocals from singer Alfonzo Woods are really soulful. It’s some of the best funk and soul this town has to offer. - Review by Will Franklin for Disheveled Magazine (July 2006)

"Lost & Found"

The new Mofius EP Lost & Found offers up some great rock-funk tracks. You will not be able to sit still listening to this music.
I really like this band! They rock in a funked up kind of way and they have lyrics with some depth and significance.

Alfonzo Woods sounds like a cool crossbreed of Steve Walsh (Kansas) and Tommy Shaw (Styx) while Dave “Attacko” West is a killer guitar man that laces each tune with hooks and the sparks of emotion. Chris Martin (drums) and Tony “Kiltman” Rivera (bass) are serious one-two rhythm section that set the pace straight on through all three tracks.

This is not fair; I loved this music and could of listened to a lot more. I will definitely be looking for the full-length album from this band. This is the kind of band that has a contagious sound; they could be huge with the right backing.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-
- © Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-

"Mofius - Lost & Found"

Mofius is a four man band based out of Seattle, Washington. Their sound is a magical meld of funk, pop, rock and soul. Lost & Found is a three song EP released in advance of their full-length CD, which is scheduled to come out later this year. In the mean time, Mofius is building a strong reputation for impressive live shows. Their music is heavy on rhythms and stellar guitar leads. Mofius pens sharp lyrics that are sung soulfully by lead vocalist Alfonzo Woods. 'Lost and Found' features a subtle reggae groove combined with diverse rhythms. The guitar parts are strong as Alfonzo sings this love song with passion. 'Mother Earth' is a funky anthem calling people to reach out to those in need and sharing our mother earth. The song has a danceable beat blending with a meaningful message. 'Silly Assumption' flows on a funky base line and weighty drum strokes along with some sizzling, guitars leads. Mofius is an energized, funk band and their three song EP clearly demonstrates their imaginative and instrumental potential!
• Recommended Tracks: (1,2,3) [USA/WA 2005 - web] (Review by Laura Turner Lynch for


EP - Trouble (March 2008)
CD - Mofius (June 2006)
EP - Lost & Found (May 2005)
EP - K.O.'d (June 2004)



Hailing from Seattle, Mofius is a band that has perfected the science of laying down the sort of sweet, funky grooves that make each and every song irresistible. They write songs that penetrate your mind, body, and soul, and as each moment passes, you’ll find it impossible to even think about sitting still, and you’ll find the dance floor utterly irresistible.

The Present: Celebrating three amazing and rewarding years of playing together, Chris, Dave, and Tony are welcoming new lead vocalist Rose Monahan into the mix. “It couldn’t be just anyone,” West smiles in his understated way. “We wanted someone who would take us to the next level; someone who could push us as much as we pushed them.” While the lead vocal position attracted many talented singers, nobody rivaled Monahan in talent and chemistry “It had to be Rose!” chimes in Martin. Rose Monahan brings a pop sensibility to Mofius’ soul/funk platform, adding a sassy jazz flair and a new rock energy. “I never realized how much a vocalist could influence a song structurally,” Rivera laughs. “The first thing she wanted to do was speed up all our tunes. I was leery initially since we had spent so much time working out our grooves at certain tempos. But sure enough, Rose’s melodies and lyrics made the tunes groove in ways we hadn’t anticipated.”

The Sound: Mofius has created something special. Martin and Rivera effortlessly collaborate to form some of the tightest grooves around. West steps up to offer a whirlwind of guitar licks that make musical boundaries disappear, while Monahan offers her wild mix of rock/soul/jazz vocals, fun and catchy lyrics, and irresistible melodies. Their sound embraces a wide variety of styles. “It’s funk,” says West, “because it’s got groove. It’s soul, because it’s heartfelt and genuine with great lyrics. It’s rock, because it’s got passion, balls, and guitar solos. It’s pop, because it’s very accessible to the average person, but meaty enough for a musician’s ear…People seem to have difficulty when trying to categorize our music, which I take as a compliment. I hope that people find it fresh!”

The Beginning: Mofius was created in April of 2004 by four friends who decided to put their shared love for good music and good times to good use. Lead guitarist Dave West and bassist Tony Rivera had already been playing together in the ska/reggae/funk band. Singer Al Woods took notice when they put an ad out in a local magazine, and was interested in trying something new. The band broke up several months after Woods joined, but not before he, West, and Rivera had developed an exciting chemistry. A few months later, the remaining trio hooked up with new drummer Chris Martin, and the journey began.

Mofius spent the winter of 2005 in Ironwood Studios recording their debut release, Lost and Found, a three-song teaser followed up by their full-length self-titled CD, Mofius, in the summer of 2006. In addition to these stellar recordings, the band is known for putting on high-energy live shows that create the sort of intensity that leaves every person in attendance feeling as though they were a part of the act. Thanks to this dual whammy of strong recordings and inviting live shows, the band developed a strong buzz throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. They have played clubs, parties, and festivals alike, winning over disparate audiences and even strutting their stuff in front of industry executives.

In early 2007, Al decided that it was time to part ways. “Life happens,” Rivera muses. “Al’s family and career were just going in different directions. I can respect that. We’re still on great terms with him and wish him all the best.”

The remaining band members spent several months looking for a new vocalist.

That is, until one chilly evening in late 2007 when Rosanne Monahan showed up for an audition. A classically-trained singer with a jazz/rock background, Rose was looking to get back into a band after a short hiatus from the music scene. When asked further about her background, she laughingly and evasively hints that she is originally from a martini lounge on Mars. More reliable sources place her in the Portland, Oregon area, fronting the band EarWhacks before moving to Seattle. Regardless of her planet of origin, a few things are certain: this girl has pipes and she knows how to use them.

The Future: It’s now 2008, Mofius has a new 3-song EP, Trouble!, and are gearing up for summer festivals, recording their next full length album (targeting the fall of 2008), and becoming a regularly touring regional act. Can they make their dreams happen? With their soulful music, sense of unity, energetic live performances, and relentlessly optimistic work ethic, these four friends seem likely to achieve any goal they put their collective minds to.