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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album review "Nubile" - 2011"

"I love Bands that can make a record and release it independently. This is the case with MofoIsDead, their debut effort 'Nubile' is really hard to explain or to pigeon hole.

From the opener 'Resistance is Futile' to the first single Love Me we get a feel for just what these guys are trying to get across and it's good.

Crunching guitars, soaring vocals and well written songs are the essence of Nubile. I get elements of Jeff Buckley in some of the tracks with frontman Paul Galagher's vocals perfectly suited to these songs he has written. Case & point is the third track in, a haunting ballad called

Inevitabillity that gives us a bit of everything. It's a killer track.

From that we're back to the rock and this is where we stay for a while, and it's a good thing. Rainhead is a great rock track that could be lifted as a single, great chorus and groove to this one.

Another big ballad The Vulcanologist' once again showcases Galagher's range which is stellar. The album then takes a bit of a left turn with Darkness Splendour although a good song it does stand out like a sore thumb compared to the previous tracks. It's a very good acoustic, haunting driven song but completely not expected with differing vocals. The album rounds out with a huge rocker The Unnameable complete with bass riff solo and we're done.

What I do love about this album is you just don't know what you're going to get from one track to the next. Plain and simple, it works. I wish good things for MofoIsDead and of course, May the Rock be with them."

- Troy Culpan - MayTheRockBeWithYou

"Album review "Nubile" - 2010"

There’s no greater pleasure for a reviewer than finding a release that is not only a refreshing listening experience, but one from a local band. Which is exactly what Mofo Is Dead’s debut album Nubile is. These 10 tracks of melancholic alternative rock instantly stir up nostalgia for The Smashing Pumpkins, back before they turned into utter crap. Paul Galagher’s voice is haunting and unforgettable with his low tone resonating over both downtempo acoustic tracks and more upbeat songs like The Unnameable, where he belts out a catchy rock anthem worthy of being played to packed-out stadiums. Nubile is an infectious album that engages the listener with production that rivals albums being released by major labels. This is a release that can’t be listened to just once and is a must-have for fans of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and The Smashing Pumpkins. Get a hold of this album – you won’t regret it.


"Album Review "Nubile" - UK 2010"

"It is proving difficult to choose a favourite, and have now decided to break it down to three tracks; so for the love of God, and whoever else, listen to – ‘Love me’, ‘Ballad of the hazardous looseman’ and ‘Rainhead’. Whilst I strongly advise you listen to the whole album, and head off to iTunes to buy it right this second; they are my three favourites. This album is full of passion and the urge to shake your head, but do be careful, we won’t take any responsibility for you headbutting your monitor or someone near you on a bus…"

- Suzie - New Reviews UK - New Reviews UK

"Album review "Nubile" - June 2010"

From the most pastoral moment to riff-based music in no time, it is MofoIsDead it! It sounds downright fat in the power of such contrasts and it really grooves and songs also make raw. A little old school metal is never to despise, and when combined with progressive and ambient tunes then this band something for themselves. The members come from Brisbane, Melbourne and London, and apparently they like to play together. Låtkolleksjonen is generally good, and the band has a wonderful and genuine joy of playing. Role models are summarized with the rather significant phrase, "life, death and the keys in between! We have seen one place that this ensemble has been described as "a schizophrenic orgy of sonic fragile realities"! And in truth this is something other than we are served from the more conformal bands dotted with. Seldom has frivolity and musical intelligence had such a fruitful cooperation, and the album has really music that inspire and challenge in all its variety and splendor. The sound is fresh and bold, the rumbling and washes but it's never far to the more seductive and feel saturated music. Vocalist spans three octaves and with such a body, he can almost alone perform musical wonders. Some great acoustic parties at "The Vulcanologist" provides the necessary contrast in a dragging song. This fairly simple song also topped with a very expressive vocals, and a sneisen termination. It is almost unbelievable that it actually is the same vocals on "Darkness Splendour! Also, this song begins with acoustic atmospheric gitarklimpring, and Pauly few octaves lower in pitch. Ballad is really something MofoIsDead may be familiar with all its splendor and beauty. The subsequent, and short "Ballad Of The Hazardous Looseman" is an ambient and quiet piano-based thing with a little experimentation to an end. A hensettes in a thoughtfully modes, but on the next song is a fair shake out of any refund. Pauly's guitars spewing monsteriff on monsteriff and Q Beats whips drums like never before in a song that is fairly representative of MoFoIsDead its sound. This band from "down under" has actually made a record that almost has to be loved! The album is by no means flawless, but is healthy and with many original ideas and twists. CD has a little sparse information, and we who are fond of facts feel a thought huffy in this respect. The production is top class, but in return the band to play joy and enthusiasm. The songs are packed with well-functioning whim and a lovely drive, and the vocalist's something for themselves and colors album proper in a positive sense.
Google translation - original in Norwegian - MerlinProg (Norway)

"Brisneyland EP Review"

MofoIsDead are back with a thunderous bang, dropping Born Shit Die today – the second single from their forthcoming EP Brisneyland which is out on 20 November.

Born Shit Die is a rousing anthem about how mundane and meaningless life can seem. The lyrics “You’re born, you do some shit, you die” are brutally honest and will speak to each and every individual who has ever felt dissatisfied with their life. Prepare the t-shirt presser because this is a slogan people will want to wear.

Born Shit Die is a powerful, questioning and provoking introduction to Brisneyland, a record that explores the human condition and the dark depths of the human psyche. It’s a collection of tracks the band has been sitting on for some time, and when released, it will have many pondering the meaning of life.

If you like your rock music served with a thought-provoking dose of reality, be sure to listen to Born Shit Die, and keep an eye on their Facebook page on Friday, 20 November when Brisneyland arrives! - Music Is My Muse

"Brisneyland EP Review"

The current singer in The Butterfly Effect, Paul Galagher invites us to Brisneyland with his new band Mofoisdead. Everything´s clear so far, right?

Now you wonder if there´s any similarities soundwise towards The Butterfly Effect, well some but not much. The Brisbane trio feels a bit artsy with their roots in classic rock as well as 90´s rock, the opening track "Plutocracy" sounds like a modern Led Zeppelin while the track "SemiDrop" reminds a bit of TNT´s 90´s albums "Firefly" and "Transistor".

The are moments when the guitar playing bring thoughts to System of a Down like in "The Altruist", you can also sense traces of early Muse in other songs which is cool.

It might take a few spins to get into this EP because the music is a bit diverse and far from mainstream. This mofo is very much alive! - Palace Of Rock

"Brisneyland EP Review"

Paul Galagher, front-man for up and coming Brisbane, Australia band Mofoisdead, describes the band as “A schizophrenic orgy of sonic debauchery” and, after listening to them pretty steadily this last year I can safely say he is right.

In an effort to find the man behind the madness I instead found the madness behind the man. Though Paul is a man of few words there is obviously a lot going on in his mind. I get the feeling more and more that he is a man who is constantly writing songs in his mind and feels that wasting words is one step away from destroying ideas and what he conveys is more between the lines and with his music.

Mofoisdead’s new EP, “Brisneyland” drops November 20th and we just dropped their latest “Born Shit Die” on our flagship station JammerStream One. Check it out below! - Jammerzine USA


Nubile LP - 2010
SemiDrop (single) - 2015

Brisneyland EP - Nov 20, 2015



We started the band. We wrote some songs.
A bunch of other things happened that complicated things.
We recorded some awesome songs and released them independently on a record titled 'Nubile'.
We did a handful of rad shows until we ran out of cash.
A bunch of other things happened that really complicated things.
We re-grouped, wrote and recorded some more awesome songs in 2014.
We released a new singled titled SemiDrop on January 30, 2015, and we toured the east coast of Australia in March 2015.

We just announced our new single 'Born Shit Die' in October, and the scheduled release of our new EP 'Brisneyland' November 20, 2015.

Shit's about to get wild...

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