Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

A schizophrenic orgy of sonic debauchery.


We started the band. We wrote some songs.
A bunch of other things happened that complicated things.
We recorded some awesome songs and released them independently on a record titled 'Nubile'.
We did a handful of rad shows until we ran out of cash.
A bunch of other things happened that really complicated things.
We re-grouped, wrote and recorded some more awesome songs in 2014.
We released a new singled titled SemiDrop on January 30, 2015, and we toured the east coast of Australia in March 2015.

We just announced our new single 'Born Shit Die' in October, and the scheduled release of our new EP 'Brisneyland' November 20, 2015.

Shit's about to get wild...


Nubile LP - 2010
SemiDrop (single) - 2015

Brisneyland EP - Nov 20, 2015

Set List

The Undertaker
Resistance Is Futile
The Altruist
Love Me
The Human Condition
Born Shit Die
The Pretty Ones
The Unnameable